Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blogging News

This is a public service announcement: If all goes well (barring me breaking my blog or other such Internet-related catastrophes), I will be moving my blog back to Wordpress. You are currently reading this via my blogger blog. The "lisaspence.com" domain will soon transfer you to Wordpress.

Or, so I hope.

*fingers crossed*

For those of you receiving posts via email, as well as those of you who aren't but would like to, you will need to create an email subscription on my Wordpress blog. Click here and you will see an option to the right to sign up to receive new posts in your email inbox.

And, for more tech-y type pointers, if you're a Google reader user dismayed by the recent announcement that it will cease to exist come July, you might want to try out feedly. I recently transferred my reader subscriptions and it took like a second and a half. Maybe.

I'm also on Twitter and Facebook if, you know, you just can't get enough of my confessions and conundrums, such as they are. Those subscription options are also in the right sidebar.

Well, here goes nothing! I hope to see you over at Wordpress at lisaspence.com!