Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

Okay, as of Wednesday, all the Christmas stuff has been taken down and stashed away. I have to admit I kind of hated to see it go. That's a woman for you. Anyway, since I devoted much time and many words to all that I hated about Christmas, I thought here in retrospect I would share a few of my favorite things about Christmas:

1. Christmas cards. Love to send 'em. Love to receive 'em. Especially from friends far and wide, with a picture and yes, even a form letter.

2. Wassail. You know, the hot spiced, citrusy, apple cidery drink? I make it every year and it is definitely one of my favorite things about the season.

3. Christmas ornaments. My mom has been giving me ornaments for as long as I can remember and she now continues the tradition with my children. Ornaments for us are not decoration; they are memories. There are the ornaments she made for me as a girl; ornaments that my grandmother made for her tree; ornaments featuring each of the boys' pictures at their first Christmas; ornaments made of popsicle sticks and ornaments given to us by dear friends. Decorating the tree becomes a time of remembering (and sometimes muttering and dare I say it? the temptation to cussing...but this is a post about the good things, not the bad...)

4. Family. What is Christmas if it is not shared with those you love?

5. Food. Of course. Enough said.

6. Christmas morning. The whispered excitement. The rush down the stairs. The den littered with toys and wrapping paper and every kind of Santa-induced debris.

7. Vacation from school. We have stayed up late and slept in. We've been home every night this week. It's back to the races next week, and while we miss having a routine, we are enjoying these lazy days post Christmas.

8. Jesus. Nothing to celebrate apart from Him.

I also want to list a couple of favorites for 2006, the things that made this Christmas particularly Christmas-y, even for a Grinch and Scrooge like me...

A pre lit tree. Do not tell me about your friend who once had a pre lit tree that the lights went out the second year she had it. Don't tell me, because I so loving my pre lit, set up in only minutes, only three sections, Christmas tree. I love it.

Chocolate covered potato chips. My father-in-law gave me these and they sound just a little on the weird side, but they are to die for.

Dark Chocolate dipped Altoids peppermints. Like a mini York peppermint patty. Wonderful.

Pepppermint Mocha coffeemate creamer. Also wonderful. Do you see a trend here?

A genuine surprise. We were able to really surprise the children this year and it was so fun (despite our #1 son sneaking around in bags that were none of his business).

I pray you and yours enjoyed a Christmas full of celebration of God's marvelous gift of His Son Jesus! He is the true gift of Christmas!

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  1. I am so glad that you shared these thoughts about Christmas and you are SO RIGHT about the mints - I had some...actually the whole tin....yesterday...yum- yum....and I see the pattern, I share it!!!!!!!!!!!
    ...I personally think that you are NOT a Grinch...this entry proved it.....