Monday, February 12, 2007

Stating the mission

Most companies and businesses have a mission statement, a concise description of their purpose and focus. A mission statement becomes helpful in setting goals and evaluating priorities, answering the question, "What's really important?" New opportunities can be placed alongside the company's statement of purpose to see if they "fit." If yes, then pursue. If no, then deny.

A couple of years ago I participated in a Bible study my friend facilitated on living a balanced life. She challenged us to develop our own personal mission statement, a description of the God-directed goals and desires and priorities of our life. You can see the obvious application. As we seek God's will in answering the question, "What's really important?" we've taken the first step toward living a life in balance and in step with His calling on our lives.

So, I didn't come up with some cute, concise, alliterative slogan, but I did make something of a list and stuck it in my Bible once the study concluded. I rediscovered the list a couple of days ago as I was searching for something else (yes, my Bible is a veritable storehouse of random bits of paper where I've jotted down notes and points I want remember!). Here is what I believe to be God's priorities for me, my mission statement, if you will:
General: To reveal Jesus, honoring Him as the great Treasure of my life and glorifying Him as more precious than life
Specific: To love and serve my husband and my boys. To take care of our home. To teach His Word. To encourage and challenge other women to discover the "more" of a passionate pursuit of Jesus.
At bottom of the page, I had written the question, "What priorities does my life reflect?" with the following answers: my calendar, my to-do list, the laundry, to be left alone.

And not much has changed. God has affirmed over and over His call on my life, but so often my day to day life doesn't reflect God's priorities at all. I'm not saying I shouldn't do laundry nor keep a calendar, but as those things become my focus and my priority then my life is out of whack. I'm out of whack.

How I long to live out His purposes, my life living proof of His good, acceptable and perfect will (Rom. 12:2). It is, after all, only His mission that matters.


  1. Wow! I'm both grateful and convicted for reading this post. I took this week to "catch up" on life, but all ready I think that some of my priorities have taken a leap for heart indulgences. I'm glad that I navigated here--now on to my mission as well.

  2. Ohhhh. I can so relate to this post. The every day stuff of life is always there needing to be done, and it is so easy to allow the priorities to shift. I keep reminding myself to do all these things to His glory, but too often I find myself out of whack and frustrated as well. Thank you for this reminder.

  3. This is better than a "New Year's Resolution!" My adult continuing ed class is currently trying to clarify our mission statement and I will share this with them. Your message has inspired me to zero in and begin to really focus on what God has wanted to do in my life. Thanks.