Sunday, March 11, 2007

Coming soon: Spring Reading Thing 2007!

As one who is always curious about what others are reading and always on the lookout for something good to read, I am excited about Katrina's "Spring Reading Thing 2007", set to kick off March 21. Get all the details here!


  1. Hi -- I found your blog because I commented right below you on Callapidder and noticed we have the same name. You have a lovely blog and a great name. I'm extending the reading challenge to my little handful of readers too. :-)

  2. Lisa, thanks so much for helping me spread the word about the reading challenge! I'm glad you'll be joining in and can't wait to see what everyone will be reading!

    Also, I'll definitely let you know what I think about Saint when I read it. I did read Showdown and really liked it, so I'm looking forward to this one, too!

  3. Hi again Lisa --

    I have a theory that every third girl born in 1968 was named Lisa. I went to a small school with 15 girls in the graduating class, four of whom were named Lisa. :-)

    You have a lovely blog!