Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Family time vs. church time

In his blog, Dr. Al Mohler discusses an article published by Leadership magazine which makes the startling revelation that family time and church time are fast becoming mutually exclusive. Dr. Mohler's thoughts can be found here.


  1. There is no "god". Anyone who wastes time worshipping a non-existent entity deserves all the negative effects stemming from neglecting really important issues (such as family, work etc.).

    Disregarding the whole absurdity of believing in a supernatural being, who would even *want* to believe in a god and eternal life? Life is so much more precious when it is limited and nothing thereafter.

  2. Anonymous:

    I challenge you to read the Bible and then discuss it with a Christian. The tone from your wording seems to contain anger. I believe if you would do the above steps you would have a better understanding of Christianity and what it is. My prayer is that you would understand the true meaning of it. Until one performs the steps above, I don't believe they have an argument for having an atheistic view.