Tuesday, May 08, 2007

For my Bible study girls

Last night my Bible study girls and I met at the Chinese restaurant for our usual end-of-study celebration. It was a evening of great food, great fellowship and, need I even say it, lots and lots and LOTS of laughter!

I love these girls. We are a pretty diverse group: different churches, different denominations, different ages, different occupations, different journeys. Most of us are moms, some of us are not. Most of us are married, some of us are not. But we all love Jesus, and we all hunger and thirst to know Him more and love Him more. He is our Life and it is this commonality as sisters in Christ that draws our hearts together in amazing unity.

We've just finished Seeking Him, by Nancy Leigh Demoss. I've taught / facilitated many a Bible study and each has been meaningful and life changing in its own way (it is God's Word, living and active, sharper than a two edged sword!). But this time, this study, this group, has been unique. Not only has God done an amazing work of revival in us individually, He has been faithful to do an amazing work among us as a group.

It sounds so trite to say this, because so many have said much the same, but this has been a God-ordained group of women. A God-ordained study. A God-ordained revival. We set forth to "Seek Him" but what we didn't know is that He was seeking us as well, to draw us to Himself certainly, absolutely, but also to draw us to each other.

My heart wells as I think of the Monday nights we've spent together, our Bibles and workbooks open, our conversation honest and authentic, and the table we gathered around becoming the Holy of Holies as our God was faithful to meet with us week after week. What grace, that He would "stoop down" to join our little group of fifteen or so very ordinary, very weak, very desperate women!

While I know that my journey is mine, independent of anyone else, and one I must choose to make though none go with me, I am so thankful that at this point in my walk, I do not make the journey alone. These, my friends, my sisters, my Bible study girls, walk beside me. Their support and love and prayers overwhelm me and sustain me. I've told them many times--and I've meant it each time--they are each a testimony of God's grace and goodness to me. That I would have the incredible privilege to study God's Word with them, those godly women and serious students of His Word--it's only His grace!

So, to my girlfriends: What a ride! We were encouraged; we were challenged. We all pray we will never be the same again. We celebrated together; we cried together. We sought God together and did we ever find Him! I love you all!


  1. Curious how old your girls are?
    I've led a group of 8 girls for 2 years now (10 yrs old). It's priceless and a beautiful experience.

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I used the term "girls" loosely, as shorthand for "girlfriends." Our group ranges from early 20's to late 60's/early 70's.

    What a ministry you have to young girls--I know God will bless the investment you are making in their young lives!


  3. Thanks Lisa for facilitating this type of bible study to enable us all to get together. I have learned so much about God and the power of prayer from going through this. I am so grateful for this group of friends that God put in my life. Thanks again for just being you!!


  4. Ahh, my favorite kind of group, the young and the older. Continued blessings on all you learned!

  5. It is such a blessing to have a group like that. My Bible study group ends in two weeks. I'm going to miss it!

    I wanted to thank you about commenting on my blog post for today. I was actually quite nervous about posting it, so your comment really encouraged and reassured me!

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  7. I am visiting from a comment at Susanne's blog. I loved this post, loved hearing about your "girlfriends" and how the Lord used your time together to do a "work of revival". I have read several of Nancy's books, but I have not seen this study. I am going to check out the link.

  8. Hello! I tagged you for the Ideal Mall Tag.


    PS - I'm Ellen's sister ;)

  9. Just found your blog...I love it! Sounds like we have a lot in common, beginning with our names! :)

    Will be back!

  10. Didn't see where to email you..so to clear up the eye/lip liner thing..It is brown but a medium brown..if you smudge it and then put on lipstick, it still looks fine! (an emergency fix only though..and being without lip liner for me qualifies.:) Though I may try the goth thing sometime..That'd be a great way to shock the seniors at our church! :))

    Thanks for the visit!