Tuesday, May 29, 2007

On hiatus...but first a question

I will be taking a blog break, only for about a week, maybe less, as I recover from the end of school and make the transition to summer break. Be sure to check back next week and hopefully I will be up and running once more.

In the meantime, I have a question for all you smart and savvy moms (or dads) out there. I want / need to get my kids on some sort of organized chore schedule of responsibilities. Our current system--which would be no system whatsoever--isn't really working (no surprise there). So here's my question(s): do you have an organized system of chores? What sorts of responsibilities do you delegate and to what age? Do you have rewards/consequences for performing or not performing assigned tasks? Any information you can give is welcome: either post in the comments or if you want to address the topic on your own blog, leave us a link. I may be on hiatus, but I will be checking my comments, so please help me out and share your wisdom!

Have a blessed week! "See" you next week!


  1. I'll try to keep this brief. HA! Okay.

    Our kids are 16, 10, 7 & 2. Chores start as soon as the kid can walk, and advance in difficulty as the kid demonstrates ability to handle it. Here's the current schedule:

    16 and 10 alternate Kitchen and Living Zones on a daily basis.

    Kitchen = preparing (or helping me prepare) breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner; keeping the diswasher emptied (so that dishes can go straight in and not into the sink), and wiping the counters, stove, table and high chair. After dinner, the floor is swept and mopped.

    Living = maintaining order in the living room, school room, entry way, utility room and two bathrooms (wiping sinks, wiping toilet and swabbing out toilet bowl); gathering and sorting the laundry and washing, drying, folding/hanging/ironing and putting away two loads. After dinner, the carpets are vacuumed.

    7 (son with autism) is in charge of keeping the playroom in order. He straightens it before lunch and after dinner, including running the vacuum. He also brings toys into the garage before dinner and picks up the backyard. This spring I'm teaching him to weed the flower beds.

    2 wipes the fronts of all appliances with a spray bottle of 1/2 windex and 1/2 water and paper towels once a day (usually after snack time). She empties the waste baskets into the main trash.

    Every Saturday from 9am-10am is our Hour of Power. All 6 of us hit the heavy housework for one hour: showers, tubs, mopping bathrooms, clean the oven, changing sheets, dusting, changing lightbulbs, cleaning mirrors, straightening bookshelves, etc. Then the weekend begins!

    16 & 10 share a room, which is straightened every morning before breakfast. 7 & 2 share a room which is straightened before bed in the evening. Each child cares for his or her own pet(s), as I will not do Doody Duty on anything that didn't grow in my own womb, and even then, it's a limited time only offer.

    Is that helpful at all?

  2. We just had a chore talk with our 21 and 26 year old :). They are taking care of our house while hubby and I live in California.:) I was not great in this area. We let them talk things out and express their frustations and how they wanted to divey up the work. Ownership works wonders. Maybe list the jobs and let them choose.
    Blessings on your process...

    F.Y.I. My 70's Rock band post went up today...

  3. I hope you get some great ideas on this. I am hoping to 'step up' the chores for the summer. Idle hands...

  4. Can't wait to see what everyone comments here, because I am in the same boat as you... my "non system" is not working and we are looking for a change for summer.

    So far the only one I know we are implementing is loading up the ice cream truck money jar with quarters for the summer, and everytime they answwer without Yes, ma'am or no, ma'am, they lose a quarter. (Those "yeah" answers are about to drive me crazy!!).

  5. I have a revolutionary summer system...

    When the kids get up, they can eat breakfast but there is no additional food until their beds are made, chores done, and they are dressed with teeth brushed. All my kids think about is food so that is a powerful motivator for us.

    The first day, they didn't eat until 3 pm because they didn't realize I really meant it..today it was closer to 12:30...heehee

    Please don't call Children's Services...This is really working out for me...:))

  6. Wow! I love Clem's system. I posted on this at my blog before I saw her answer. Now, I'm working off of her tutorial as I re-structure myself.

  7. I'm loving all the comments and LOL at Lisa.
    We've tried many things and they never stick so I'll be coming back for ideas. With Jackson's broken leg he can't do much right now but I want to be ready to start something when he feels better.

    Enjoy your break!