Sunday, May 06, 2007

Smarter than I am

Sometimes I fear I am losing my mind.

I break things. Important things. Like my van.

I lose things. Important things. Like money, money that does not belong to me.

This morning, upon realization of the losing of said money, I was frantically turning the house upside down in a mad search and rescue operation, all to no avail. I prayed something I learned from Beth Moore a few years ago: "Lord, make me smarter than I am!" And I meant it. That money envelope was nowhere to be found. I needed some holy smarts and I needed them fast.

Suddenly--coincidence, you think?--I remembered that the last time I had the money envelope I was also carrying a booklet. I found the booklet stashed away in one of my (many) bookbags and lo and behold, there nestled between the pages was the money.

Yet another example that He is all that I'm not. All Sufficient, even to make me smarter than I am. Praise God, He has given us His Holy Spirit, His Presence in us and with us, to teach us and remind us...


  1. God has returned to me lost items in answer to prayer, too. Here's one time:

    Once, many years ago, when my children were still in the carseat stage, I stopped by the printer to pick up some wedding invitations that I was addressing for a bride. I had my job folder with me, so I deposited it on top of the car along with my purse while I took my little guy out of the car seat. I went inside, picked up the invitations, piled the kids back into the car and went home to start working on the envelopes. To my horror, I discovered that apparently, while I was getting my son out of his car seat, the wind had blown open my folder and the ONLY complete list of all the addresses had blown away!

    I went back and searched the parking lots and the bushes on both sides of the street. I cried and prayed and cried and prayed but to no avail.

    The next day, my eldest son came home from school on the bus. He told me that when the bus drove by the printer, he noticed some paper smashed up against the cement base of a light pole in the parking lot that adjoined the printer. He was SURE if we went back, we would find it!

    Well, you can guess the rest of the story. I piled all the kids into the car and we went back to the parking lot. Lo and behold, there was the list, still stapled together with all the pages intact! It had rained overnight and somehow, it was barely wet and completely legible.

    Don't ever try to tell me or my boys that God doesn't answer prayer!

  2. I'm going to remember that one, "Lord make me smarter than I am", thanks for sharing that, Lisa.
    Blessings on you today!

  3. Hi again Lisa,
    Thanks for venturing over to my blog. I'm doing baby steps in learning all this technology stuff, too. I've burned out one card reader dealee thingee. My husband and daughter have to come to my rescue so much. Anyway just wanted you to know you are not alone! Blessings

  4. When my search for a lost item has reached a fever pitch I always remind God that He knows exactly where it is, and would He please help me find it!! So far, praying about it has worked every time.

  5. This is great! I love stories like this. I think God DELIGHTS in our prayers in situations like this because He loves to prove to us that he's really THAT interested in us.

  6. I love testimonies like this. It really brings home that God really does care about the little things in our lives, too!

    I'll have that tag up today!

  7. If I asked Him to, do you think He'd make ME smarter than you are? ;~D

    Great story! Thanks for the smile.

  8. Hey Clem,
    I'm thinkin' that's one request He's already answered in the affirmative!
    NO DOUBT you're smarter than I am--I read your blog so I know that's a fact!


  9. Love this! I am so glad that He is All Sufficient!