Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tagged again!

I am so feeling the love! I have been tagged for another fun meme! This time Lana has tagged me for an "Ideal Mall" post:
You get to create your own Mall. Choose 6 stores that would definitely be included in your ideal one stop mall. Then as a bonus you can pick your favorite restaurant and fast food eatery to be located there, too. After you’ve created it, post it and tag some bloggers to join in the fun.
Both Lana and her sis Ellen posted way cool pics with their picks (and you MUST go see what Ellen has scored in her Goodwill hunts), but as I am not quite so techno savvy, you'll just have to use your imaginations.

As I live in a somewhat small town, where really the only shopping is the local Walmart, nearly any store other than the local Walmart would be preferable. I understand, however, that is not the point of the game, so here in no particular order would be my top six stores in my ideal mall of choice!

1. Target. The home stuff. The clothes. The clearance rack. Love it.

2. Amazon. It's not a store per se, but oh my word, what if it were...

3. Ann Taylor / Ann Taylor Loft. Mainly to look and to window shop and (of course) to scour the clearance rack in the back. Definitely the look I would love to go for.

4. Eddie Bauer. We actually have an Eddie Bauer Outlet here and let's just say I'm a regular. The manager knows me by name.

5. Sam's Club. Something about being able to buy 50 rolls of paper towels along with a big screen tv. Also kind of a nostalgic choice here: as newlyweds, my husband and I would walk the aisles of Sam's and wish...

6. James Avery. Fabulous sterling jewelry.

My favorite restaurant? Anything Mexican, absolutely. But I do love Chinese as well.

Fast food? Zaxby's. And a Starbuck's too.

And to tag? Elle, Rebekah, Rabbit, Leslie and anyone else wanting to play along!


  1. Thanks for the tag! I'll try to get to it soon, but I have to tell you, I'm not a big shopper, so my mall may be small....

  2. Thank you for the tag! This one is definitely going to be a challenge for me...

  3. Ann Taylor - I completely forgot about Ann Taylor - Love Ann Taylor

    Yes, my sis is my personal Goodwill shopper! She has been known to call me at work and ask if I would like this or that and then proceeds to describe it to me! Love it!

    Thanks for playing!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    If you lived closer I could pick up Ann Taylor at a very reasonable price for you at the Goodwill:) Did I mention they have a 7 day return policy if things don't fit right, etc? Love your mall. Love your food choice!

  5. I loved this! I decided to do this meme as well after reading your answers here.