Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crashing the Carnival

So I'm a few days late joining the party but I've been so intrigued by the blog beginnings of other bloggers, that I decided better late than never! So, in conjunction with the carnival at Chilihead's site, here is my blogging story...

How did you start blogging?
I had no idea what a blog was, other than some kind of journal or web page which in my mind was for people who either had paper issues or too much time on their hands. However, at the recommendation of a friend, I checked out a blog of a buddy of his and I was intrigued. More than intrigued, I was hooked. Here in the blog world I found a forum for exploring ideas and issues of faith and family. I clicked and read for several months before my husband encouraged me to take the plunge. To my continuing surprise, I did and here I am.

Did you intend to be a blog w/a big following? If so, how did you go about it?
This is funny. If you could only see my sitemeter stats, you would know how funny this question is. If I had ever intended to have a following so to speak, then I am sadly falling short. No, I didn't (and don't) intend to be a blog with a big following, although it is nice to have readers. When I first added sitemeter, I was registering like thirty hits a week. Sadly enough, 28 of those were most likely me, checking to see if I had any comments. This before I knew you could have your comments emailed directly to you. Let's just say I'm most definitely not the most techno savvy blogger on the block. Big following or no, I am grateful for those of you who do pop in to read these simple thoughts.

What do you hope to achieve or accomplish with your blog? Have you been successful? If not, do you have a plan to achieve those goals?
My main goal is to honor and glorify Jesus Christ through the observations and reflections recorded here. My blog reflects my journey: struggles endured, lessons learned, faith forged. I pray I've been successful in making much of Him, and not me. While certainly this blog is about me, it is my desire that it is more about Jesus in me and through me.

Has the focus of your blog changed since you started blogging? How?
Certainly the goal I stated above remains the primary and ultimate focus, but I have been surprised to find that blogging has other side benefits as well. I am learning more about the craft of a well expressed thought, for instance. And the relationships and friendships formed between bloggers--what an amazing phenomenon! To count among my friends those whose faces I've never seen and whose voices I've never heard--truly a blessing from God.

What do you know now that you wish you'd known when you started?
I know a little bit of HTML--but only a very, very little.

Do you make money with your blog?
Nope. Totally not-for-profit and just-for-fun.

Does your immediate or extended family know about your blog? If so, do they read it? If not, why?
Yes and yes.

What two pieces of advice would you give to a new blogger?

  1. Just jump in and begin writing!
  2. Know that controversies and misunderstandings arise, both because most bloggers are a pretty passionate bunch, and it is difficult sometimes to convey what you mean only through the typed word. I unknowingly and entirely unintentionally stepped into a fairly heated "discussion" by posting a comment on another site early in my blogging days. It was months before I returned and I have yet to comment again! So, write with discernment and sensitivity.
So, there you go. More blog stories at Don't Try This At Home.


  1. I'm glad you jumped in. I was visiting lots of blogs before I was forced to get my own. :)

  2. My site meter stats dropped after I figured out how to block my visits. It's amazing how much I visit my own blog to check on things.

  3. My site meter stats dropped after I figured out how to block my visits. It's amazing how much I visit my own blog to check on things.