Friday, June 22, 2007

A Georgia boy and a mom who prayed

I went to high school in the great state of Texas. Upon graduation, I chose a college not too far from home, just a short hour and half drive. I had no car so on holidays and the occasional weekend my dad would make the drive to come get me, definitely among my favorite memories.

A couple of times he made the comment that he sure was glad the trip was as short as it was and not three or four hours one way as it would have been had I chosen one of the other colleges on my list. However, our rejoicing in the relatively short distance was not to last as my family moved from Texas three states over to Georgia that summer after my freshman year.

Naturally my mom was uneasy with her baby so far away, so naturally she wanted me to transfer someplace just a little closer. Naturally all my friends were in college out in Texas, so naturally I headed back come August.

In hindsight I realize one of my mom's biggest fears was me falling in love and marrying a boy from Texas and settling down "way out yonder." Fears not altogether unfounded, as I dated a variety of boys in college, all of them Texan through and through.

One phone conversation with my mother during my sophomore year stands out clearly in my mind. I had been dating a guy from Dallas, and was fairly confident I was "in love." Whatever that meant. On this particular occasion, I was sitting on the somewhat ratty sofa in the somewhat ratty condo I shared with three girlfriends, no doubt the very last thing on my mind being a long future several hundred miles away from family. I don't remember the details of our conversation, but I do remember her statement:
"Lisa, I'm just praying for you a Georgia boy."
I wish I could tell you I bowed my head in reverent submission and prayed "Oh, Lord, Thy will be done."

Instead, I rolled my eyes, sighed, and promptly changed the subject.

I was "in love" (whatever that meant) a few more times after that until I met my husband, my true love, who pursued me when I wasn't sure I wanted to be caught, and who loved me from the beginning with a consistent and unconditional love that took my breath away and swept me off my feet....

And who, incidentally, was Georgia born and Georgia bred. His family lives there to this day.

Praise God who had a plan far beyond the comprehension (not to mention silly affections) of a nineteen year old girl! Glory to our God who hears the prayers borne of a mother's heart!

Certainly our God is not some sort of cosmic genie who makes our every wish and whim His command. Far better, and far more glorious, He--the all glorious, holy God of the universe, the one true God who dwells in unapproachable light--He is a God who condescends to hear His people when they pray. What grace! He hears. He answers. He does more than we can even imagine.

Yes, I got a Georgia boy. Not only that but God has given me a godly man of integrity and faith who loves me and even more loves the Lord Jesus.

Whatever is on your heart today as a mother, or father, or child of God, take it to Him, fully confident He hears and He will answer with awesome deeds of righteousness!
You answer us with awesome deeds of righteousness,
O God our Savior,
the hope of all the ends of the earth
and of the farthest seas

Ps. 65:5


  1. How sweet, Lisa. I enjoyed that! Did your Georgia Boy make it home yet?

  2. Lisa, that is such and endearing story!
    Ahh, the power of a mother's prayer!

  3. That is a charming story! It made me smile this morning!

  4. Can your Georgia friend pray that you and the Georgia boy will move back to Georgia so we can plan trips together to the best mountains and the best beach? Just asking.

    Loved this story.

  5. Thanks for this encouraging word Lisa. Blessings...

  6. Such a sweet story. I smiled too.

  7. Hi Lisa - thanks for visiting my blog recently and commenting on my gardening attempts!

    I love that God had your Georgia boy in His heart of love for you as your mother prayed her heart of love for you both!

    At times we dispare of our children ever finding the man/woman after God's own heart that will be set apart and concecrated to His service in the way we would desire, but we keep on praying faithfully for God's provision. I keep forgetting we are not alone, because in our community of faith, we are so alone, so out of step even among our church family - but God has a great big world that is really very small, and He is able!
    Thank you for your encouragement!

  8. That was such a sweet and encouraging story! (and as a mother, it's especially encouraging - yes, take it to the Lord in prayer.)

  9. okay, you have to tell me what part of Georgia..that is where we are from. And because I have a Georgia boy myself, I have to agree that yes, they are the best EVER..:)

    The Other Lisa :)

  10. Praise God that His plans for us are infinitely more incredible than any of us could ever imagine for ourselves! I landed with my bum squarely in the butter when I landed my hubby, that's for sure. And I praise God for him. Every. Single. Day!

  11. Lisa...I started praying when John was a little boy that he would find God's choice for him - and God answered my prayer with our Jennifer. I pray that prayer for our youngest child now...I, like you feel that God sent me my "Alabama boy." We are so blessed....You made me smile today - instead of cry...ha

    Love you,


  12. What a powerful testimony....filled with such hope and promise.

    I'm gonna get busy praying very specifically!!!!


  13. Oh this is sweet...and romantic...and encouraging!