Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Girls rule, boys....

As you know, I am the mom of four sons. Let me tell you, boys are different, alien creatures, and despite living with five members of the male species, I haven't clue as to why they are the way they are, except for the marvelous creativity of our Creator God. Just consider their obsession with bathroom humor. This I do not understand. When I saw Leslie's post on boys and girls, especially the boys' comeback list, I laughed out loud. It's classic. And just so you know, I'm thinking of adopting Hannah's list of rules here in our home.


  1. Hannah isn't living down that list anytime soon. Just yesterday after swimming lessons, we piled into the car and Noah let one go that was long and loud. He sneered in that teasing voice (you know what I'm talking about), "Haaaannaaahhh, I passed gaaa-aaass." LOL!

  2. Oh I loved that one, too.
    No tooting was my hands down favorite!