Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Words worth pondering

Consider carefully the following from John Piper's, God is the Gospel, emphasis mine:
[W]e have turned the love of God and the gospel of Christ into a divine endorsement of our delight in many lesser things, especially the delight in our being made much of. The acid test of biblical God-centeredness--and faithfulness to the gospel--is this: Do you feel more loved because God makes much of you, or because, at the cost of his Son, he enables you to enjoy making much of him forever? Does your happiness hang on seeing the cross of Christ as a witness to your worth, or as a way to enjoy God's worth forever? Is God's glory in Christ the foundation of your gladness?

From the first sin in the Garden of Eden to the final judgment of the great white throne, human beings will continue to embrace the love God as the gift of everything but himself.
How do we understand the gospel and the love of God? Have we shifted with the world from God's love as the gift of himself to God's love as the gift of a mirror in which we like what we see? Have we presented the gospel in such a way the gift of the glory of God in the face of Christ is marginal rather than central and ultimate?
Definitely worth pondering. I've only just begun reading this book, but I have a feeling I will be sharing other excerpts in the future!

And if you're looking for more words worth pondering, be sure to check out Brad's posts (here and here and more to come if I'm not mistaken) exploring the following issues:
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2. How do you know that an old church can't be budged?
3. If a church isn't being evangelistic, is the best answer to ignore her?
4. What does "effectively reaching a community" look like?
5. Is there value in being old?
And finally, Elle, one of my favorite bloggers and friend (and let me tell you, this girl is some kind of talented--she can write!) has a thought provoking post on "The gospel is not a choice...". Check it out, and the rest of her blog, and I think you'll be glad you did.


  1. Oh, goodee! Another Piper book to look for... Thanks for your thoughts so far. Blessings!

  2. I may have to look for this book. This post has whetted my appetite - definitely worth pondering. Thanks.

  3. Have loved Piper since I read "Let the Nations Be Glad." The phrase "the white-hotworship of God" has stayed with me since. Thanks for pulling this thought provoking quote. Also--let me encourage you to get that toothpaste for your son. It really was similar to a miracle in our lives.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I look forward to more of your thoughts about it.

    I studied it with a group of women at our church last summer and the leader found excellent discussion questions for us to answer on the DG website. You might enjoy thinking through them.

    Here's the link: