Monday, July 09, 2007

Tagged again: Five questions fro Lana G!

My blog friend Lana G! tagged me for a question meme. Here's how it goes: Lana and four others got tagged by Ellen with five questions, then Lana tagged me and four others with five different questions, now I answer Lana's questions, come up with five of my own and tag five more. Got it? Good!

Here are Lana’s 5 random questions:

1. Are you a morning person or an evening person?
This is hard to answer. I think maybe I'm both? I'm more of a morning person in that I don't sleep overly late and any work I get done is best done in the morning. I do tend to stay up late, but for no other reason but some solitude time. Most nights I fall asleep on the sofa watching Anderson Cooper!

2. If you had the chance to travel by boat, train AND plane on your next vacation, name the destination you would choose for each of these methods of transportation.
If I had such a chance, I would first consult my favorite world traveler, Lana G! herself and get her recommendations. Since I am to answer the questions out of my own randomness, here are my answers borne of my ignorance of the world of travel and all that it avails...
Boat: Alaskan cruise
Train: I've always wanted to go up to New England during the peak fall color. Could you do that by train?
Plane: Anywhere! Lana's and Ellen's accounts of their overseas trips look so exciting. I would love to see England and Europe.

3. Other than Jesus, which biblical character would you like to meet and why?
Only one? I would like to meet Rahab, the prostitute whose radical faith saved her from the destruction of Jericho and was later honored by being mentioned by name in the genealogy of Jesus. And I've been spending a good deal of time lately in John 4, so I would love to meet the Samaritan woman at Jacob's well whose life was transformed from shame to bold witness after an encounter with Jesus. Other personalities that intrigue me include Moses, the humble leader whom God Himself buried. Or the apostle John to whom much was revealed. This question makes me anxious for heaven and the fellowship we will experience there!

4. Do you have any brothers and sisters and if so how many?
I have one of each, both younger.

5. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains and why?
Do you think I'm touching this question after all the brouhaha at Elle's? :-) At the risk of offending the mountain lovers (again), I will admit I love the beach. LOVE the beach. I am, however, open to the fact that I may also love the mountains, which is actually not too much of a stretch as I dearly love trees and solitude. In fact, as I was mourning the necessity of having some trees cut in our own yard, my husband and I joked that I need to live in a forest. So, yes, I may love the mountains when given the opportunity, but for now, I prefer the beach: the breeze, the smell of the salt water, the sound of the waves.

So now it's my turn to tag and question. I tag Christina, Kristy, Christa, and Rabbit. Yes, I know that's only four, so if anyone else wants to answer my questions, consider yourself tagged!

My questions:
1. What is your favorite Bible verse?
2. If you could choose your own epitaph, what would it read?
3. What is your all time favorite book, other than the Bible?
4. What is your middle name?
5. Describe your life ten years ago.


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers and the questions you came up with are great. #4 is particularly easy for me because I do not have a middle name. Favorite Bible verses John 14:1-3. Blessings.

  2. Okay I'm hogging the comments now but on the epitaph question. Today I'd like it to read...
    lived well, loved well, died well!

  3. Bwaa haa haa! I'm back for brouhaha! I give, I give. I'll go to the beach with you if you'll go to the mountains with me! But first while all this travel arranging is occurring, please book me on your boat and train trips too. Our genetics have obviously aligned on those two!

  4. Hi Lisa! Enjoyed reading through your questions. Thanks for tagging me. I just posted my answers if you want to take a look. Have a great Sunday! :-)