Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So not funny

In church several months ago, during "greet those around you" time, I noticed my friends up in the choir loft making gestures as if they were beckoning someone and then pointing to the empty chair next to them.

Not sure who they were addressing, I pointed to myself and mouthed "Me?"

The look of shock crossed my friends' faces as they realized I thought they were motioning to me. Immediately they shook their heads, "No, no, no" they mouthed, and waved their arms back and forth. Instead of me, they were pointing to my friend sitting next to me, she of the rich and clear alto voice. It was she they wanted in the choir. Not me.

I can't sing. Really, I can't. Another friend teased me this past Sunday by saying that my idea of leading worship would be to press play on the David Crowder cd. Oh yes, she knows me well.

It's as I tell my children: you can't be and do everything, you have leave something for someone else to excel in. Of course, these days I'm not real sure what I excel in other than moping and procrastinating (but I much prefer to call it thinking and blogging).

One talent I would love to possess but so obviously do not, apart from singing of course, is the ability to occasionally write something funny and witty. Case in point: a couple of months ago I made a quick trip to my parents' for a bridal shower for my brother and his fiancee. A one night trip, mind you, and I packed three pair of black shoes. Yes, you read that right: three pair of black shoes, not counting the black flip flops I was wearing for the car trip down there. For a one night trip.

And all I could think to myself was two things: one, a girl's gotta have options, particularly in her footwear, don't ask me why. And two, Boomama could turn this whole deal into the funniest blog post ever.

Whereas for me, it turns into something of a lament that for the life of me I can't find anything funny to say.

If you've been visiting here for long you already know it is my nature to be more melancholy than merry. I only hope you don't leave this site requiring an antidepressant! I want to be funner and funnier, but we can't all be and do everything. My journey has led me to this place where I am called to persevere despite my fatigue and fight despite my failure, so you can see how difficult it is for the funk-prone like me to find anything witty there.

I'm not sure what my point is this morning, except to say this: I am thankful for those of you who read and comment. I am thankful for those of you who read and never comment. I am thankful for a forum where I can seek to articulate and understand my journey. And I am thankful that while fun is not natural for me, my Joy is neverending...


  1. I can't sing either. :-) Well, I CAN sing, it just doesn't sound good. And you are right, we can't do everything. If we could, there would be no reason for God to give us each a special gift.

    I love to read your melancholy posts. And I was already on anti-anxiety meds before I started reading here, so I can't blame you. :-P

  2. I always pack like that. I can't not make decisions ahead of time as to what to wear...drives my hubby nuts.

    I always have wished I was funny and could make people laugh. NOT.

    I enjoy reading your posts every day. Your style is great.

  3. I just have to add that my hubby and dad get good laughs out of me, but it is only because of the blond things I do! How sad! :)

  4. I know what you mean. While it is nice to be funny, the flip side is that sometimes the funny people don't know how to get serious when seriousness is needed. (no offense to the funny folks - I love the humorous side too!)

    I'm sure you have your funny moments, it's just that now may not be the moment. That's not all bad. There was a time in my life when Ecclesiastes was my favorite book in the Bible and "Everything is meaningless" was my motto.

    Praying that God will restore your joy. There is a season to everything.

  5. Well, I can sing, and I love to do so, but I'm right with you when you talk about not being very funny. Generally speaking, if I try to be funny, I'm not, and when I try to be serious, people laugh.

    I am more melancholy than merry, too. Sometimes the melancholy babies are necessary, too!

  6. I enjoy your blog very much, and appreciate the encouragement to think and behave biblically that comes through in every post.

    BTW: I'd rather be caught without undies than without the right pair of shoes. Not that it's happened. But, given the choice, I'm just sayin'...I'm deep like that.

  7. Lisa,
    I just want you to know that your blog is just what it needs to be - honest. I can only grow and learn to the extent that you are open and honest. If you worked so hard to fabricate a funny post that it was contrived, it wouldn't contain any life-giving instruction and example for us. Keep on keeping on, my friend. God is using you.
    Blessings, Gena

  8. Moping and procrastinating = thinking and blogging. He, he, he. That's so me, too!

    Boy, can I relate to this post. I would love to be roll on the floor funny, but I'm just not. You know what, we thinkers are okay, too. While laughing is good, so is deeper thought. God gifts us differently, but all our gifts, when done for His glory, are useful to edify the body. To be honest, I read the more thoughtful blogs more regularly than I do the others, for what that's worth. Partly because I sometimes click away from the really funny ones feeling badly that I'm not funny or thinking that something must be wrong with me because I'm too serious most of the time. Maybe that was too honest, but, that's where I am right now. Or maybe I'm just moping again. :^)

    So, be encouraged, your blogging is a blessing!

  9. Lisa I really enjoy your blog, it is such a blessing to me. I loved your last line about your Joy being never ending! Praise the Lord!

    P.S. I just got the Noel Piper book from your sidebar and I'm really enjoying it so far...

  10. I can't sing, either, and although I live with one of the funniest men alive, who makes me laugh daily, I am not funny myself. I wish I could be witty. I wish I could be spontaneous. It's just not in me. I have to plan ahead to be witty and spontaneous.

    But I love to laugh and do it regularly. I'll bet you do, too!

  11. A) I can't sing either--exactly why God included the admonition for His saints to make a joyful noise.
    B) I can perfectly understand why a woman of taste would need 3 pairs of black shoes.
    C) Moping and procrastinating equals thinking and blogging--VERY FUNNY!
    D)Love you!

  12. I'm not real sure what I excel in other than moping and procrastinating (but I much prefer to call it thinking and blogging).

    Girl, that made me laugh out loud! You are funnier than you think.

    And as evidenced by the previous posters, we love you just the way you are. Life would be boring if every blog were BooMama.

  13. I want you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog! I agree with others that you are honest and thoughtful. BTW, having a sense of humor doesn't always mean you make others laugh all the time. It also means seeing funny things and situations in everyday life, which I'm sure you do.

  14. You may not feel that you are fun, but you are so deeply introspective sometimes that it just floors me. You help to express things of God in such an easy-to-understand way that blesses me and makes me think. That is something to be so proud of. Keep it up! I come here because I enjoy the way that you encourage me in my walk with God through yours. That is priceless.

  15. Lisa-

    I can always relate to your deeply insightful posts. I have the same tendencies. I just refer to it as being very cerebral. We mull things over and analyze. Now we just need to figure out how God wants us to use this to serve Him.


  16. How boring would blogville be if we were all alike. I think one thing in common that we have is the need to have a creative outlet whether funny, meaningful, melancholy or whatever. I appreciate you and your uniqueness and the fact that you would take 3 pairs of black shoes on an overnight trip! Blessings on you...

  17. I love your blog (and wish you would/could post more!)

    And I can't sing, or play the piano. What a pathetic pastor's wife I am...

  18. I love to sing, but all the people around me don't care for my singing so why is that?

    I loved reading this post =)))

  19. You are too hard on yourself girlfriend...I laugh on this blog...yes I do. I laughed reading this post actually as someone pointed out...exceling in mopping ---> funny stuff. lol :-)

    Hey...I can't sing either BUT I don't let that stop me. hehehe Poor neighbours during open window season. HA! ya and this awesome blog. TTYS

  20. I love to sing and actually think my voice isn't half bad. Although, it really is hard to tell with the shower going full blast. However, my darling little boy has, on many an occasion, said, "Mom, please don't sing" which I took in stride until my two year old niece said the same thing recently.
    Oh, well, I only sing for God anyway. So, sing girlfriend, sing - I bet God thinks your voice is beautiful - especially when you are glorifying Him.

  21. Your blog is refreshing--don't ever feel the need to try turn it into anything else. I know what you're saying, though! I often feel the same with my blog. :) (However, for myself, I have to say that I get sick of reading blogs that are only about trying to be funny and ne'er a serious thought to be seen!) I think you have a nice mix over here...and that's not just because you said I was a pretty cool blogger. ;)

  22. Today I say goodbye to someone I love very much. I do not need a funny post. I DO NEED your prayers and I KNOW that I have them. Thanks so very much for being my friend.

  23. In heaven, I believe, we will all sing with beautiful and clear voices for Him! And He loves it when you sing no matter what others think!