Monday, September 17, 2007

On saying good-bye

We must say good bye to some friends as they say Yes to the Lord and follow Him to Tennessee. It's an exciting opportunity for them, not to mention the clear will of the Father, and so they will go.

I will miss my friend. Hers is a faith marked by determination and authenticity. What the Lord says, that she genuinely desires to do. Our friendship sharpened me, as iron sharpens iron. One of my favorite things she would say is this: Why don't we pray about that right now? She didn't believe in promising to pray for you; she would actually pray for you. Right then.

One evening in church I encountered her in the hall and no doubt she had just uttered those very words, because there in the hallway she prayed, holding both the hands of her teenaged son. I will never forget seeing the two of them, heads bowed, hands clasped, beseeching God for what need I do not know, but I do know my friend fervently believed in the power of the One to Whom she prayed.

Can I just say that good-bye's stink? Like you, we've said far too many good-bye's, as dear friends and family members alike stepped out in obedience, moving on to follow the Lord. We've been the ones leaving; we are more often the ones that remain. Life goes on, to be sure, and we are profoundly grateful for the godly men and women that our God has sovereignly placed in our lives to share the journey at least for a time. Praise God, for those of us who belong to Him, our good-bye's are not forever; perhaps in this world, but not the next. As my friend said last night, we will be together once again, this time for all eternity where good-bye's are no more. What hope we have because of Jesus!


  1. Yes, you can say it stinks! I have one friend that is so thankful for my blog because she can keep up with what is going on in my life!

  2. I know exactly how this feels. I've said goodbye to more than one friend along the way. It always stinks!

    I want so much to have the kind of relationship with my kids that your friend has with her teen! What a wonderful example!

  3. "I shall see them, I shall know them,
    I shall hear their song of love,
    And we’ll all sing hallelujah
    In our Father’s house above."

    The end of your post reminded me of these words in the Fanny Crosby hymn, Lights of Home...

    Blessings on you and your friend...

  4. I think it stinks especially when you are the one staying behind. The one leaving encounters new experiences and adjustments that fill their days and lessen the loss, whereas all you have is the gap they left when they went.

    I feel for my mom and dad in South Africa. I have a new life here, but almost 8 years later, they still feel the gap acutely. :-(