Monday, November 26, 2007

A Monday Mish Mash

Okay, so I borrowed the title from Susanne of Living to Tell the Story. I don't think she'll mind, as it is a fairly accurate picture of my Monday, not to mention my life...

Yes, I'm back here in the blog world. At least I think so. I've been gone so long that my google reader and my sitemeter stats are inversely proportional. Translation: I have like 500+ unread posts in the reader, and my sitemeter tells me a good deal less than that have visited the past week or so. Not that I blame anyone. Writer's block does not begin to accurately represent my current creative state. I'm living my life, the whole mish mash of it, yet that part of me that is compelled to express that very mish mash here on the world wide web has somehow gotten lost, perhaps in that selfsame mish mash of real life in the real world.

So, as I seek to rediscover my creative compulsion, I offer a Monday Mish Mash of Where I Am Now, also known as A Slice of (my very boring and ordinary) Life...

Last weekend, prior to Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity and privilege of participating in a Ladies' Christmas Dinner. Yes, that's right: a Christmas dinner the week before Thanksgiving, complete with Christmas decorations, Christmas ornament exchange, Christmas sweaters, Christmas music...and rather than feeling too early, it was a wonderful start to the holiday season as we focused on what it means to be an ornament of Christ reflecting His glory, a vessel cleansed, set apart, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work. (2 Tim. 2:20-21) I had a wonderful time and if any of you reading this were there, please know I loved meeting you and being a part of your Christmas celebration!

Last weekend I also went on a reading binge. My reading has been hit or miss here lately, mostly miss, but in less than three days I finished two novels, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. As you know, I am a huge fan of Southern redemptive fiction (don't know if that's an official category, but it's exactly the kind of story I most like), particularly the novels of Charles Martin, and his newest, Chasing Fireflies, is no exception. I don't know if it's my favorite of his novels, but I liked it nonetheless. In this book, Martin reflects on what it means to be a father in the truest and most noble sense of the word as he weaves the story of Chase, a newspaper columnist abandoned as a child and "Snoot," a young boy also left without a home and family. As always, his characters are truly Southern and truly unforgettable.

At the recommendation of a friend, I also read The Pawn, a thriller by Steven James. Somewhat gruesome at times, this is the story of FBI agent Patrick Bowers determined to capture an elusive and clever serial killer. Warning: you will not be able to put this one down.

We spent Thanksgiving at my parents' home, where we ate entirely too much of my mom's incredible cooking. I have no domestic skills due to the simple fact that she kept them all. She told us it gives her pleasure to cook for us. If so, then her pleasure was definitely our pleasure! Of the many blessings of God I have to be thankful for, on Thanksgiving and any other day, I am also grateful for family and the opportunity to share meals and memories.

And finally, in what will undoubtedly become further blog fodder should this posting streak continue, yesterday I experienced firsthand the amazing grace of answered prayer. I was overwhelmed and overcome, and felt as if I might drown, so great and so deep and so high was the grace and goodness of my God. I beheld His power and His glory in the sanctuary (Ps. 63:2); yes, indeed! I received an email from a friend today marveling at God's goodness. "My heart is so full...I want to tell everybody" she wrote. God is faithful and He alone is worthy of praise! And because His love is better than life I will glorify Him! (Ps. 63:3)


  1. Ahhhh. Seeing a new post from you is like a drink of water in the desert.

    (Or maybe this pregnant lady is just a little dehydrated.)

    Either way, I'm delighted to see you return to the blogosphere. I've missed your insights and your creativity.

    And I'd love to hear about the answered prayer. Stories like that encourage us to keep believing God.

  2. Welcome back! It definitely brought a smile to my face to see you back in the blogging world! :)

    I would also love to hear about the answered prayer. I am so happy for your friend... to feel that fullness of God's love in our lives. There really is nothing better! :)

  3. Hey! Glad you're back!! I sure hope the streak continues...I want to know what God did!!

  4. I am glad you are back! I want to hear more about the answered prayer too!

  5. Welcome back, friend. I still want to hear your impressions of those awesome mountains--if you need blog fodder that is.

    Also, a friend the other day turned me onto Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. So far, I am really, really enjoying it.

  6. Welcome back!! I'm having a blah time writing, too. I hope your streak continues.....I've missed you!

  7. I was so thrilled to see 2 entries today...I have missed you and yes....prayers were answered yesterday - GREAT Big ones and even ones that I did not expect to be answered ...shows how small I am....

    I felt like I had received a huge "dose" of God's word(s)...and it was the tonic that I desperately needed....I think we need to "hold on" - great things are coming.....

    Love you

  8. Well you certainly deserve a prize for being savy enought to use mish mash so many times in one sentence. ;v) It was so good to see you pop in bloglines again, You can steal it anytime you need too.

    I've heard that Chasing Butterflies book is really good. I think it's on my TBR list.

    I would love to hear how God answered your prayer.