Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Ramblings on a Thursday morning


That's right, there was snow here yesterday afternoon. Not only flurries, but beautiful, big flakes for a hour or two before it turned to rain. My son complained, "Why don't we EVER get enough snow to miss school?" And his question has some merit. While we do in fact live in the deep South where snow is a rarity, it seems it's been a rarity even more rare, if that makes sense. I grew up in Alabama, but I do have memories of snow, not many and not much, but snow all the same. I don't think my 8 year old has even seen snow that actually covered the ground.

Now, all that remains post-snow is gray, wet dreariness, the kind that makes you want to stay in the bed, which is exactly what I wanted to do this morning. I did not want to get up! My house is in absolute, total disarray and call me a wimp (you'd be correct in doing so) but I didn't want to face it. Still don't, even though I did get up. I'd much rather sit at the computer and drink coffee, kind of like I'm doing now as you can see.

I've decided I really am a "one thing" woman. If I begin a project, like painting my son's bedroom for instance, the laundry doesn't get done. As I wade through the mounds and mounds of laundry that accumulate after a day or two of doing a project and not laundry, there isn't any time for blogging or commenting. If I hang out in blog world for awhile, my cleaning duties get pushed aside. And if I spend a day on a field trip with my son's class at school, well, the house becomes in such disarray that I don't want to get out of bed the next morning.

I'm thinking there's a pattern here. One could call it "lack of discipline" or perhaps "disorganization."

By the way, if you checked out Elle's three question method I linked, or if you did not, I direct you to Kim's post which also includes three questions to aid personal Bible study. Kim says:

Scripture speaks to more than just individual ethical situations. Scripture details the redemptive history...I think there's room for the practical details and the "big picture."

Right she is, and the book she quotes is her post is on its way from amazon to my doorstep, ordered before I even knew Kim was reading it. I'm looking forward to reading it myself!

Oh yeah, do you have a magazine-worthy blog post? If yes, or maybe, or you'd love to know one way or the other, you need to check out the contest going on over at Lysa's blog. You could see your article published in the P31 woman magazine! Lysa's also got some giveaways and surprises going on, so check it out!

Which leads me to a question, do you have a favorite post here at Lisa writes...? I'm trying to decide if I have something submission-worthy to toss into the contest ring and I'd love your input!


  1. Lisa - I love "On Sofas and Dreams" and "A Pretty Cross?" and your blog when no. 1 had his 13th birthday...

    Love you...


  2. I'd love it if we got a little snow!

    Thanks for linking to those excellent questions on Kim's site. I had not read that post yet.

  3. Lisa-I think you should definitely enter a submission. You are so talented and I enjoy your writing so much. I would say you have many that would be great!

  4. Your house sounds a whole lot like mine. I fear I am a bit disorganized/undisciplined much of the time.

    Thanks for the links - I am quite behind in my visiting around blog world and commenting, so I have not read that one yet, either.

    Oh, and we are only getting the dismal gray and all day rain that never quite turns to snow here. We have all the mud in the yard with none of the excitement of the snow.

  5. Lisa - I loved your New Year's post where you highlighted one post from each month from last year - all of those were very note-worthy! I loved them.

  6. Hi Lisa - I don't mean to rub it in but we had snow here last night and the kiddoes got a day off. My son and I spent most of the afternoon sledding, snowball fighting and building a snowman. But, it still isn't anything like I remember as a child growing up in Virginia. We used to get big snows that would last for a week or more. Great memories!
    I think you could choose any of your posts for submission. You have such a gift. I love to read your blog.