Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Status Report

Sitting at my dining room table.

Drinking coffee, black.

Enjoying my solitude.

Walking, like for exercise, with my friend in about forty five minutes and needing it badly.

Reading On Writing Well and discovering (what I'd already suspected to be true) that I know next to nothing of writing as a craft (obviously).

Also reading the Bible through in one year, something I've attempted before but usually gave it up about September. This year I am using The Bible in Chronological Order, which has been incredibly fascinating.

Bored with my current iPod playlist and wanting some new tunes. Any suggestions? Of course music preference is so personal it is often difficult to make recommendations.

Looking forward to lunch Thursday with The Preacher's Wife.

Planning a trip to the big city tomorrow with no real agenda but going to Target and maybe Sam's and I am so excited.

Praying for wisdom as I make plans for Bible study. Also praying for our upcoming ladies' retreat, my son to grow physically, my friend who waits on God for a child, my other two friends who battle cancer and for family members to know Jesus.

Grateful for our new pastor and his wife and God's providential timing. He answers with awesome deeds of righteousness to the praise of His name!

Also grateful for the birth and health of my new niece born last week. Seven pounds, nine ounces of precious! Truly a miracle straight from the hands of the Giver of all good things.

Perplexed as to how the high today will be in the 70's yet the low one day last week was 12. Weird.

Tired of hearing "Change" from the Presidential candidates. It seems they each have a one-word stump speech. Does anyone not have a thesaurus?

Cleaned out my purse and counted 2 lipliners, 10 tubes of lipstick and 6 lip glosses and one tube of blistex. Pretty funny for someone who only wears eyeshadow on Sunday and does not consider going to the grocery store a makeup-worthy trip.

Learning to keep the stat book for my son's basketball team. I have yet to have a mistake-free game.

Needing to get up from the computer and get my day going. Have a blessed Tuesday!


  1. Lisa,

    I lurk lots at your blog and I'm not sure I have ever commented. I have no idea how I found you except that some on your blogroll are on mine. I'm sure that's it.

    Anyway, I love your honesty and transparency. I love this post and may steal the "buzz words" for a post of my own, if you don't mind.

    Keep pressing on and in to Him!


  2. My daughter is trying to do the Read the bible in 90 days. I wonder if that is too aggressive for a 13 year old. Hmmm... Seems like a lot to digest.
    She gave up pop last January and stuck to it all year so she does have a strong will.

  3. Enjoyed your status report-very original! I, too, am attempting to read through the BIble in a year and am using "The Daily Bible" which is a chronological one. I did it in high school, but have not since then. We can keep each other encouraged!

  4. Kelly,
    Mine is actually The Daily Bible too. I was quoting the title from memory and obviously got it wrong!

    Yes, let's keep each other accountable!


  5. Love your interesting tid-bits of info. I have heard that reading the Bible chronologically is good. I have never attempted it. But I should. It would be a good thing.

  6. hmmmm. New tunes. I had to peruse the cd collection:

    Avalon's "Stand" cd.

    Anything by Susan Ashton, especially the songs "Remember Not" and "Stand" (I know,again with "stand."

    Anything by Selah, but especially their first cd "Be Still My Soul."

    Also Lyle Lovett's "Church"

    Down to the River to Pray" by either Allison Krauss or Alan Hall from Selah.

    Phillips, Craig and Dean's "Restoration"

    And a little Huey Lewis for some fun, especially the song "Bad is Bad."

    That's all I can think of right now.

    p.s. I'm also reading On Writing Well (among other things).

    p.p.s. My husband came up with his 2008 word (from http://pragmaticcompendium.wordpress.com/) His is "Connection." I'm trying to get him to comment it, but I think I'll have to do it myself. The bum.

  7. Love your status report list! Don't know what that book is talking about - you write just fine. And I read a LOT!!

    I'm on my way to making it through the Bible this year (I think!) - started in Sept. with our Ladies Bible Study - we're calling it The Big Picture and doing an overview of each book, and the reading is our homework. There will be some for the summer - be interesting to see how that goes when I don't have the weekly group to keep up with. But I've been loving it. Just some days it's like drinking out of a fire hydrant!

    Since it's hard to know what you're tired of on your IPOD, I'm not sure what to suggest, but I agree that Selah is awesome. I also L-O-V-E Mercy Me's latest and Chris Tomlin.

    The only thing I'm sicker of already than the politicians is the media covering them. :-)

    Have fun Thursday with Lisa the PW. You know we'll all expect a full report!

  8. Hi - Selah...for sure.....love it....I loved this post....


  9. I understand the music thing. A couple of months ago I got a subscription to eMusic and really liked it. They've got Sovereign Grace Music titles there as well as some stuff by Red Mountain Church. (As a pastor of mine once said, "If that don't light your fire your woods wet.") Also, I like the recommendations on Friday at the colossiansthreesixteen blog. Brent's a pastor with unique taste in music. Very good stuff.

    And I stay sick of politics.

  10. Your a secret serious lip stick hoarder! LOL!

  11. Your purse sounds like mine. Love my lipstick!!
    I'm also attempting to read the Bible in one year. I gave my One Year Bible to my aunt so I'm following a schedule I found on the web. I'm looking forward to meeting this goal!
    Good luck to you too.

  12. 10 tubes of lipstick! :)
    I have probably owned 10 in my whole life. Kind a tells you how make-up oriented I am....
    It really is great though to shock people and put it on every once in a while.

  13. Sounds like a full life!

    Sure wish I could join you girls on Thursday, give Lisa a hug for me and have Lisa give you a hug for me.

  14. Fun way to chronicle your life and thoughts. Found you on the winners list at Praise and Coffee. I won too!

    Have a blessed day and enjoy your lunch with the Preacher's Wife!

  15. Hi Lisa,

    Your posts are so good! I am glad that I found your blog.

    I am also going through a one year bible, John MacArthur's one year bible called the "MacArthur Daily Bible."

  16. Fun way to chronicle your life and thoughts. Found you on the winners list at Praise and Coffee. I won too!

    Have a blessed day and enjoy your lunch with the Preacher's Wife!