Monday, February 25, 2008

Conversations on sin, stuff, and Roger Clemens

Today as I was shuttling my oldest son and his buddy from school to our home for a quick change of clothes and then off to soccer practice, the two boys began to talk of books: books they're reading, books they want to read, really really good books and books they couldn't wait to be released.

Yeah, I know. Not your typical teenaged boys' conversation. But it makes this reader-mama proud.

Speaking of this reader-mama, I factored into the conversation by saying something about the reading I would love to do but lack the time.

My boy's buddy expressed his surprise and wondered to my son how I couldn't have the time. After all, what else do I do during the day?

My son, bless his heart, comes to my defense. "Stuff," he says, "she does stuff like my laundry and going and doing other stuff. She takes care of us, you know, doing stuff and stuff like that."

I'm not sure his argument was all that convincing but I appreciate it just the same.

The other day this same friend was once again riding from school to our home and on to soccer practice and this time the conversation in the back seat centered around Roger Clemens and his recent controversy. Neither could understand that, first, someone with his talent would do something so stupid, and second, that he would deny something that seemed so obviously true.

"It just goes to show your sin will always find you out," I told them. "What is done in the dark will be brought to light. You can't escape the consequences of your sin. Not even Roger Clemens."

A few moments of silence in the back seat as no doubt they were contemplating the truth of my words. (yeah, right) Then a quick change of subject as they talked instead of a pesky math problem.

One of the things I pray for my children is exactly that: that their sin will find them out. That their wrongdoing will be exposed and that they will know the consequences of their rebellion against God's will and ways. I ask the Holy Spirit to do His good job of bringing conviction and that my sons will know the misery of sin and its consequences, making them quick to confess and eager to repent.

Hard things to ask for, but I want my boys to know the freedom that repentance and forgiveness bring and that it is the Lord's kindness to them that brings conviction. I want them to know God's glorious grace and that begins with understanding the weight and condemnation of their sin. Escaping the consequences does them no favors.

Just ask Roger Clemens.

I acknowledged my sin to You,
and my iniquity I have not hidden.
I said, "I will confess my transgressions to the Lord,"
And You forgave the iniquity of my sin.
Ps. 32:5


  1. That's a strong prayer, Lisa -- but a good one.

    When I was a teacher at a Christian high school -- a short career, trust me -- I prayed before a test one day, "And Lord, help the students remember what they've studied. Give them peace and mental recollection. And if they haven't studied? Let them fail and fail big. Help them to learn from this experience. Amen."

    I looked up to see 24 wide open mouths staring back at me. One of my verbal students said, "You can't pray that! That's so mean!" I just smiled.

    Oh! And way to go on the stuff! It sounds like you do a lot of it.

  2. Love this! It's good stuff. I always start that verse "Be sure your sin..." and my sons finish for me..."will find you out!" I have raised my sons with the same mind set. I tell them that I pray every day for them to get caught! LOL! I love them that much.

  3. It is a hard prayer to pray, but much-needed. I'm in the situation right now where I'm praying for hidden things to be brought to light...not because it will make anyone's life instantly turn to sunshine and roses, but because with sin exposed, God's grace is revealed as the amazing, overwhelming blessing that it is, and things can then be dealt with.

    I pray the same for my boys. My husband was always a "good boy" in high school and he attributes it to the fact that every time he tried to get away with something when he was younger, he got caught. Eventually, he decided that it just wasn't worth it. :)

  4. Ah. See, Lisa, I pray that I will find their sins out. So I can help they understand the error of their ways.

    Your prayer is much better, and maybe I am trying trying to step on the Holy Spirits toes here.

  5. Stuff! I love it! She does stuff, ya know?

    I pray that way for my kids, too. I just hate it when it happens to me! ;)

    Thanks for sharing your stuff.

  6. Yes, that's the stuff of my prayer as well. One son was having a particularly hard time with truth telling. I finally told him that not only was I praying for his lies to find him out, but that as long as I was his mom that if I found out he had lied, I'd turn him in. Serious business, all that stuff.

  7. Good stuff here.

    I don't think my kids think I do stuff. "What do you do while we're at school?"

    Thanks for the great reminder of how a way to pray for my kids - and to tell themn I'm doing so!

  8. I love how your son responded with what you do during the day! That's SO sweet!!!

  9. I often like to say that what is done in the dark will always be brought out into the light; and it never fails to come to pass.

  10. Good stuff here.

    I don't think my kids think I do stuff. "What do you do while we're at school?"

    Thanks for the great reminder of how a way to pray for my kids - and to tell themn I'm doing so!