Friday, February 29, 2008

Lessons learned

Lessons learned this week:

1. When you are remodeling and make the decision to relocate your washer and dryer upstairs, be sure to have a drain cut.

Just in case.

You'll be glad you did.

Trust me.

2. Despite the security the drain offers, do not leave the house ( do not!) with the washing machine running, no matter how many times you've done it in the past and regardless of the fact that if you only wash clothes while you're home you may never have clean clothes again.

3. The aforementioned drain, while a smart idea, has its limitations.

4. However, be very thankful for the aforementioned drain that despite its limitations saved your house from flooding while you were out shopping all the while washing clothes in the washing machine, a direct violation of lesson #2.

5. Be also thankful that your husband has not accused you of gross neglect even though there is a huge water stain on the ceiling downstairs. See lesson #3.

And, on a totally unrelated note...

5. A new haircut, new glasses and a walk with a friend (even in a blistering cold wind!) are great mood lifters.


  1. Oh no! Those kinds of lessons are no fun to learn (well, except for the last one...).

  2. Oops! Tough lessons!

    I love a new haircut:)

  3. So it's not exactly a NEW haircut, as it looks much the same...but I was thinking of trying to grow it out but grew frustrated instead...hence a same-old haircut that feels new!

  4. Can I sign up for lesson #5 only? Or is this a package deal?

  5. Oy! Sorry about the mess. And I agree that a New Haircut and a friend can concur most things.

  6. Oh my....

    There is nothing like a hair cut to put a bounce in your step, and new glasses to make us feel more sophisticated and a walk with a friend.


  7. Oh wow, Lisa! Sounds like you have had some excitement! I too am glad that R hasn't started with the accusations! Good luck!

  8. The walk was a definite boost for me too. I always enjoy the time spent with ya!!! That's hilarious put the way you put it in this blog. I am so glad that it went as well as it did for you. I tell you the drain was ingenious!!! And I'm sorry I didn't notice the hair...but I don't guess I could have considering the cap huh? Anyway, till our next walk and our inevitable situations that rise...

  9. Oh my goodness. Sounds like you avoided disaster, barely!

  10. On a practical note, we recently remodeled and moved our washing machines upstairs from down. Do you have a "drip pan" (or whatever they're called) underneath? I bet you do now (but when mother's away the house will "play").

    On a related but personal note for me, always check your drain pipe from the inside air conditioning unit in your newly converted garage. And even if you do pour in the bleach drops every month, get one of those $40 overflow automatic shut-offs. They could save you from moving your newly set-up home office back into your dining room, ripping up the beautiful floor you just laid down, and spending 12 hours trying to find an effective way to build a subfloor on 40-year-old concrete (my hubby knows I hate cold feet and we were never doing hard wood laminate again). It's not so good to cram your little stressed out family back together just as soon as everyone had a room of their own again. Especially not when mom is gone for the weekend at a wedding and dad's supposed to be having special time with the girls and finishing his sermon. :-(

    Thanks for your blog - it lifts my spirits daily!

  11. Bless.your.heart!!

    Those drains can come in handy at other times too, especially if they drain to the outside.

    Like when you are on your honeymoon and the toilet valve cracks while you are gone and 40,000 gallons of water flood your new husband's house and yard. Only to be discovered when the neighbor steps outside his door and his grass is soaked. In Texas in mid-August. So at least he can go to the thing buried in the edge of the yard and turn off the water to the house.

    Just be glad you put all the wedding presents in the upstairs loft, so they aren't ruined...

    And be sure to keep your shiny new rings on your finger the day you get the carpet replaced so the installers don't try to steal your engagement ring.

    I'm so glad you had a friend to regroup with!!! Hang in there!

    Much love,

  12. Sheesh, It's seems so wrong that you can't depend on a machine and a drain to just do what it's suppose to do. :)

  13. Ohhh...yikes. It was a fun read, but not at all fun for you. I am impressed that you could make it into a light hearted post. Best wishes on the clean up.