Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Prayers, passion and peace

Just the other day I discovered a list of prayer reminders and daily prayer concerns dated several years ago. On my list were family members, unsaved friends and family, my prayer group, my church, and several ministries, even a mysterious set of initials pertaining to a missionary serving in a part of the world hostile to the gospel.

At the bottom of the list were the names of two young men, teenagers at the time. These boys were the best of friends, boldly passionate about proclaiming their Lord and Savior. They would occasionally lead our congregation in worship, and my heart would be pierced by the fierceness and honesty of their unashamed praise.

One Sunday they stood before the church and declared that God had placed a call on their lives and they were determined to follow Him, serving Him wherever He would lead. They asked for prayer as they sought God's direction and leadership in ministry.

Thus I wrote their names on my prayer list and prayed.

Today both these young men are serving a tour of duty in Iraq.

One married just months before his deployment. Before he left, the church gathered around him--physically gathered around him--and prayed for his safety. I told him I remembered the two of them, he and his friend, pledging their lives to serve the Lord. I told him I had prayed for them both, off and on through the years. This past Sunday his daddy stood in our pulpit and, choking back tears, asked the church to keep praying.

The other young man completed chaplaincy training and has signed up for a second tour. I see his mom every morning and afternoon directing traffic at the elementary school. Every time I see her I can't help but think of her boy so far away in such a volatile part of the world, serving our country and his God. I pray for him, and for her mother heart no doubt caught between pride and fear.

May these young men know that same passion of their teenage years. May they not forget that God has indeed called them to serve Him in what must be a dark place indeed. May their love for their Savior shine as a beacon of hope to the hopeless. May God in His sovereign grace keep them both healthy and whole and bring them home safely to their families and loved ones.

And may Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, bring the only true and lasting peace to this war torn corner of our world. He Himself is our peace.

"...among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life..."
~Philip. 2:15-16


  1. I pray daily for the soldiers and their families. It is always heart warming to hear personal stories like this one. Thank You.

  2. I've tried various times over the years to keep up with my "prayer journal" and it is always so wonderful to go back and read it and be able to identify God's answers - God's hand. Thank you for this post, for moving me to action on this today.

  3. Great story of how God works. I love it when we can trace His fingerprints in the lives of those around us. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. I can always count on an incredible word of inspiration and encouragement when I come by here! You are a treasure from God and a blessing to me.

    Much love,

  5. Amen Lisa. May these prayers be answered Dear Lord...

  6. This is a sobering reminder of God's instruction that our prayers be without ceasing. May also our passion for His will.

  7. beautiful Lisa!

    my brother served two terms in Iraq. God is faithful!

  8. I'll be praying for them too.

    And you may want to suggest to the one mother to have her read A Table In The Presence. It's a fantastic, cannot put down read, written by a Military Chaplain who served in the first Unit to cross the border of Iraq. INCREDIBLE does NOT describe this book!

  9. beautiful Lisa!

    my brother served two terms in Iraq. God is faithful!