Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random ramblings on a rainy Thursday

I'm back from break and it is still February and still I hate it. I was interested to see how many of you also dislike this, the second month of the year. Some of you admitted your dislike is drawn from a love for summer, and here I have to respectfully disagree. While I hate February, my hatred is not due to a preference for triple digit temps, mosquitoes and humidity.

Fall is my favorite season and I really don't mind winter, at least the mild form of winter we know here in the South. It's February I can't stand. If not for February, I might like winter second best, as I much prefer jeans, sweaters and boots to swim suits, shorts and flip flops.

Today is vintage February: rainy, gray, dreary and yuck. Cold too. I've been sick, my kids have been sick, and I feel as if I have laid on the sofa for a week.

Wait, I think maybe I have.

In case you were wondering, I love my new coffeepot. After some market research, and reading your recommendations both in the comments and via email, I purchased a Cuisinart and (so far) life is good. By the way, did you know there is a site called After spending only a few minutes there, I realized I could not rightly refer to myself as such. A coffee geek, that is. These people take coffee and geekdom to amazing heights.

Last weekend I had the privilege of sharing God's Word with a group of women, some of whom have known me my entire life and then some. To say I was intimidated would be an understatement. I feared most of all appearing the hypocrite, and only later read this post, "A Hypocrite's Guide to Preaching," which reminded me that my weakness serves to exalt Christ' power. Not that I consider myself a preacher, I do not. However, there is much truth there that even the humblest of teachers can benefit from.

I'm still slogging through reading The Bruised Reed. Today this quote jumped out at me (emphasis mine):

"because knowledge and affection mutually help one another, it is good to keep up our affections of love and delight by all sweet inducements and divine encouragements; for what the heart likes best, the mind studies most. Those that can bring their hearts to delight in Christ know most of his ways...we see in the martyrs, when the sweet doctrine of Christ had once gained their hearts, it could not be removed again by all the torments the wit of cruelty could devise. If Christ has once possessed the affections, there is no dispossessing of him again. A fire in the heart overcomes all fires without."

May Christ possess our affections today with such a fiery passion that not even a gray and dreary February can dispossess Him!


  1. WELCOME BACK!!!! I almost didn't click on your name, and then I thought "maybe just maybe...."

    Great post, as always. I've missed your musings.

    February is always rather blah-y for me to0. I feel like The Little Engine That Could trying to make it to spring. "I think I can, I think I can...!"

  2. So glad you're back! February in Florida is one of the months I can sit on my back porch and not sweat within 18 seconds, so (sorry) I really LOVE it! It's also a great month to go to Disney World (NO lines!) and we went twice last weekend. I will hate August. Sweltering hot and rain E V E R Y afternoon.

    p.s. I'm going to check out the Cuisinart.

  3. Glad you're back and feelig better. I have spent most of this week in my recliner because if I lay on the couch I couldn't breath. I had to be in a semi-sitting position. Whatever this stuff is - it is awful.
    I don't like February much either -except the 14th - that's our anniversary. Otherwise, I'm with you sister - Fall, jeans, sweatshirts and my beloved boots.

  4. I love this quote!

    It is bitter cold here and although I am not one to usually complain about weather, although I am with you on the love of cute coats and boots, more than shorts and flip flops, I am tired of it being so cold.

    By the way, I am glad you are back! Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Welcome back! I am with you on February. I just hate the gray. Fall is my favorite too! too cool about preaching! Keep up the good work!

  6. Lisa, we really enjoyed having you speak to our ladies group. It helps to hear when someone else either is going through or has gone through some of the same stuff that you are.

    Love you and glad that you are back

  7. Admittedly, my husband and I can be classified as coffee geeks. Our friends do not understand us. ;-)

    That quote is awesome. So comforting to the soul.

    And, take heart, February is nearly over.

  8. Welcome back! I am with you on February. I just hate the gray. Fall is my favorite too! too cool about preaching! Keep up the good work!