Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just goes to show

I just got home from running errands. Number two son had been left in charge, so when I get in and find him alone in front of the tv I ask the obvious, "Where's your brothers?"

He's not real sure ("and hello? Aren't you like the babysitter or something?"), but further investigation reveals his youngest brother upstairs playing video, and his other brother in the bathroom, door shut.

I fear the worst. He had a mild bout of the stomach virus yesterday, so I automatically assume a relapse has occurred.

"Are you okay?" I ask, bracing myself, quite certain lysol and a gag reflex are in my near future.

He opens the door. He is on his hands and knees in front of the toilet.


Yep, that's right. He is cleaning the bathroom. On his own. Without threat of penalty. I mean, I wasn't even here to beg, plead or command.

"It relaxes me," he says, with an obvious I'm-in-a-really-great-mood tone of voice.

I'm pinching myself. This is my contrary child. He's in a good mood. And did I mention he's cleaning?

"Can I do the downstairs bathroom too?" he asks, with a note of pleading in his voice.

Can he? You bet your bottom dollar! Miracles, they do not cease. Lo and behold all my angst and heartache are paying off. Surely, a child who cleans of his own volition means I have done something, somewhere, at some point, right...

After cleaning the bathrooms, even the toilet in the master bathroom as well, he comes and gives me a big hug. My contrary child, hugging me. "Thank you SO much," I say.

"Now can I have two dollars?" he asks.

Just goes to show things are not always as they seem.


  1. hilarious! : ) But now you have clean bathrooms! ; )

  2. No wonder it relaxes him and makes him feel so good!!

    That is too funny!

    I guess you DID "bet your bottom dollar" that he could clean that master bathroom!

  3. He only wanted TWO dollars? You've raised that boy right ;-)

  4. Until the punch line I was going to suggest you have him thoroughly checked by a doctor because he might be more ill than you realize! LOL! Great story!

  5. Too funny! I'd hire him to come and clean my bathroom for only $2! :0)

  6. LOL! Three bathrooms for two bucks? Sounds like a deal to me. Now can you somehow send that through the internet so that it hits one of my kids?

  7. At least he asked for the money after he did the job.

  8. Hey Lisa,

    I would have fainted if one of my boys cleaned anything without me threatening them:) lol!!!

    And yes, I do live in AL. I think maybe in the same area as you. If you are the Lisa that Lisa@thepreacherswife, met a few months ago.

    Please add my Mom to your churches prayer list.



  9. Lisa...I did not realize that boys COULD clean anything, much less bathrooms....this is great...

    Love you...

  10. Wonderful! That's definately worth $2!

  11. Too funny! This EXACT same thing happened to me on Friday! I went to work out and when I got home, my 12 year old son (the babysitter) was playing a video game and my daughter was on her hands and knees, cleaning the bathroom floor! On her own, because she thought it was fun! Then she cleaned the sliding glass door. It's got streaks all over, but I didn't re-do it. She is SO proud! (so am I!)

  12. HA HA HA HA! That is so funny.

    "Bet your bottom dollar!" Love that expression. It always makes me think of "Annie"