Friday, March 28, 2008

Lux Venit Reading Group: The Excellent Wife

Several years ago at our church's Valentine's Banquet, my husband and I were chosen as contestants in The Newlywed Game. As part of the entertainment, you see. Because we are so entertaining, he and I.

Anyway, you know the drill: the husband and wife are asked questions separately about each other, such as the color of the other's toothbrush or their favorite tv show, their answers are compared and scores are awarded on the number of identical answers.

Well, in our particular game, my husband was asked about my biggest fault, what I do that drives him crazy. When it came time for me to guess what his answer would have been, I said something to the effect that of course I had no faults--what could possibly drive him crazy?

It was a joke.

Of course I have faults and of course I have failed him as a wife. Over and over again. I do in fact drive him crazy. Over and over again. This I know for sure as I know the wife that I am, that I am not and that I should be. Which is why I am both excited and just a little apprehensive about reading The Excellent Wife with Leslie and the other gals in the Lux Venit Reading Group.

In Chapter 1, Martha Peace describes the attributes of an excellent wife as found in Prov. 31:10-31,

Good to her husband, generous, wise, worker with hands, not afraid, praised, careful, blessed by her children, fears the Lord, kind, trusted, respectful to her husband, of exceptional worth.

Did I mention I was a little apprehensive? What a list! How far I fall short! Impossible, yes...apart from the Spirit of God....

...His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His Own glory and excellence. (2 Pet. 1:3)

As Martha says,

He has given [the Christian wife] the supernatural power of the indwelling Holy Spirit to enable her to obey His Word and submit to His way and His will.

Not by self discipline nor resolution, but by His might and His power! Want to join in as we seek to yield to the Spirit, asking Him to mold us into the excellent wives He has called each of us to be? It's not too late! Head over to Leslie's for information on ordering a copy of The Excellent Wife.

May God be glorified as we serve Him by serving our husbands with excellence!


  1. Oh sister! I'm so glad we are doing this together! ; ) I told Jason just how overwhelming the FIRST chapter was - what the excellent wife is and our responsibility! Woooohhhh! Glad I'm not alone in the apprehension! : ) I'll need some encouragement to keep reading, I think!

  2. I'm looking forward to reading this together, too!

  3. I'm ashamed of myself for knowing what the Bible says for wives and just ignoring it, or for some reason thinking that I was doing just fine since my husband tells me he's happy and he doesn't complain. If I'm living up to his standards, then everything is fine, right? Like Kelly said in her post, this book will redefine my view of "excellence."

    So, did you guys lose the game?

  4. Actually, I think we did lose the game. There were three couples competing: one of the older set, one in the middle, and my husband and I representing the younger crowd. If I remember correctly, it came down to us and the older couple. In the final question of the game, we wives had to correctly recall our husbands' favorite Bible verse. The oldest wife named John 3:16--correct! Me, I drew a blank so I parrotted the other woman's answer, John 3:16--WRONG!

    Oh well.

    It was Eph. 2:8-9, by the way.

  5. our church did this as our ladies' bible study last year. there's a workbook that goes with it that is very good. we started with a good sized group, but honestly, i think a lot of the material was hard for us wives to hear. i know it challenged me on so many fronts. we ended up with a few faithful towards the end (we have to do our meetings every other week so the studies drag on and on...anyway), but i would recommend this book to anyone.

  6. I love this verse in 2 Peter. I wrote it down and am working on memorizing it. I think I may need it lots as i read this book.

    I am looking forward to getting together on Fridays.

  7. I haven't got the book but I am being convicted just reading all you girl's posts.

  8. I've enjoyed reading your post on the first chapter. This book is challenging me in so many ways and it is a good thing to read other how it is challenging others, as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  9. This is such a wonderful book. I did the study last year but am glad to see so many writing about it one their blogs. I needed the refresher.

  10. I'm looking forward to reading this book and our Friday discussions, though, like you, I find I am apprehensive as well. But I do know I need to be challenged in this area.

  11. This is great being able to study this together! "Not by self discipline nor resolution, but by His might and His power!" I love how you put this - without this, there would be no point in us reading any further!

  12. Hi Lisa, thank you for sharing this. After trying to read this book on my own the first time, I to was a little apprehensive. I am so glad we are reading this together. Linda

  13. So glad you are in on this discussion--your insight and desire to dig deep for truth is such an encouragement in my life.