Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Blast from the Past

Leslie has tagged me with an archive meme where I must choose five posts from my archives in the following categories: family, friends, me, something I love, and anything I like, so that you can revisit some posts or perhaps read some posts you've never read.

As I glanced through my archives and realized the multitude of words, words, and more words that I have tossed out there into the world wide web, I am once again thankful for this crazy community of bloggers and friends, sisters (and a couple of brothers) in the journey! I appreciate the fact that you read and comment, or sometimes read and never comment. Knowing you are "out there" encourages me!

For a blast from the past...

Family: My husband and I both believe that me serving Jesus here in our home and raising our kids is far more precious than anything mere money can buy...

Also this post about my husband's love for me: why shouldn't he be mad and fed up? How much can one man take after all?

Friends: I am so thankful that at this point in my walk, I do not make the journey alone. These, my friends, my sisters, my Bible study girls, walk beside me. Their support and love and prayers overwhelm me and sustain me...

Me: I am a woman who yearns to make much of Jesus...and nothing of me. A simple woman. The ordinary, cracked clay pot seeking to be a vessel of His glory. A woman who despite her failings...and maybe also because of them...has determined to live for His renown...

I am also so not funny and terribly insecure and hope this will be my legacy.

Something I love (you know it--books!): Jane Austen aside, I think my favorite fiction by far is the Southern story...

Anything I like (one of my favorite posts boasting in the faithfulness and goodness of my God): I could not have fathomed a year ago all that has transpired, both "good" and "bad," but here on the other side I see His plan and His purpose at work...

This jaunt down memory lane turned out to be way harder than I expected! Thanks, Leslie, for the opportunity for reflection! Now I invite the following blog friends to to rummage in their archives as well...

Chris @ Come to the Table
Rebekah @ Sweet Tea With Lemon
Elle @ A Complete Thought
Kelly @ Love Well
Joy @ Joy in Chaos


  1. Wow. Loved these. Melancholy ones and all. And your husband sounds like an absolute prince of a guy!

  2. Great post. I didn't get a chance to read each archive but will make time and get to them this week as your writing always blesses me.

  3. Thanks for the tag, Lisa. I'm honored.

    I'm not sure my archives are deep enough for rummaging, but I'll go back and see what I can find.

    Besides dust bunnies, I mean.

  4. I enjoyed reading through some of your older posts. Thank you for the tag. I love getting them so I can put it on a shelf for a rainy blogging day.

  5. I'm glad you played along. I didn't realize that I've been reading your blog for as long as I have. I think I recognized all of those posts!

  6. Thanks for the tag! You're right, it's harder than I would have thought - still working on mine.

    You picked some great ones to remember.