Saturday, April 26, 2008

No greater calling

I am on my back porch, finally. As you know, I live in the South and here down South springtime means many things, not the least of which would be the pollen, that nasty stuff that colors everything dusty yellow-green and keeps our sinuses clogged up and kleenex in business. My porch was covered in it. Literally. So I spent Thursday cleaning, scrubbing and spraying and now today I enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I am once again somewhat tardy in posting on The Excellent Wife. I plan to, and I will. If you are impatient, just dying of curiousity about the next chapter, head over to Leslie's for her thoughts as well as others who are more on top of things than me.

I've been thinking about LG's comment on my fear and high school orientations post, a portion of which I will quote here:

I too wonder if I am missing the big picture. Between the diaper changes and the baths and the meal preps and the business of life, I often go to bed and wonder what happend to the day. I guess I feel as if I really don't take the time to realize His plan for me TODAY. I just pray that when MY time comes to stand before Him, that I was faithful. (and I secretly hope that raising my babies is what He would have me do in this moment and that He understands the commitment I feel to them. I know He will for HE created me and put the longing to be a stay at home mom in my heart.)

To LG, myself and others who wonder if our simple, ordinary mommy lives are just that and nothing more: Raising our children is indeed a holy calling! Our family is our primary ministry, the priority call on your life and mine.

When I or LG or you stand before the Lord, He will not ask us about the size of our home or whether or not all the children had their own room plus a playroom, PlayStation3, Wii and a dvd player in the car. It's not about the stuff nor about our accomplishments. It's about eternity. As we make the commitment to our homes and family, we are investing in eternity! This is His plan for me for this day: to love my husband and children (and love them well as Kelly would remind us!), to serve them as submitting to the Lord and to teach my children the the things of the Lord and the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In this I long to be found faithful.

It seems I need to remember my own Big vs Little musings. When I wondered if doing laundry and cleaning up the kitchen and sitting in car line and yes, even watching American Idol, comprised the Lord's will for me, I wasn't necessarily assuming it wasn't. As I confessed to you in that post LG commented on, I know my tendency to fritter away my time and my days, and, as I confessed in the Big and Little post, I also know my tendency to resent those tasks that seem so unimportant and frankly a waste of time.

We must beware our tendency to despise the mundane. Let me say it this way, I must beware my tendency to despise the mundane. I think of this post on the Desiring God blog where John Piper warns us to "beware of missing your appointed fruit by envying bigger trees."

So I do laundry and suppose I do it out of resentment, fully convinced it was beneath me and really, I needed time and opportunity to get on with bigger and better things, things far more important and certainly more fun. I don't really like laundry so surely the Lord has called me to something else, something I both desire and enjoy. But suppose I do laundry again another day (and I will, of course I will, laundry is one of the few constants of my life). But suppose I begin this day seeking the Lord in prayer and Bible study, repenting of sin, surrendering to His will, whatever and wherever He may lead. The laundry must be done and I thank God for the privilege of serving my family even in such a mundane and menial task.

Either way, the laundry is done. One wastes opportunity, another brings glory to God. It's just like we tell our kids: What we do, big or little, is not as important as how we do it.

Listen, sister, everything can be done in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Everything in my little, ordinary life can become a holy offering given to the praise and glory of King! Everything! Not only that, but His power shines brightest through the weak and the ordinary! Yes, our ordinary mommy lives can be a reflection of the glory of the only One glorious!

Let's be diligent in the care of homes and families, honoring Him as our Lord and Master. As we do, we will discover that we did not miss Him; indeed we will find Him in all His power and know Him in ever increasing intimacy. We will see His glory! No greater calling than that...


  1. The more I learn, the more I realize how much the lesson is in my response before all the things that God calls me to. I want to think that the lesson is in the end result, but the truth is that He is teaching me through the lesson, in my responses. Great post.

  2. Amen. As a dear friend of mine always says as an encouragement in the mundane...
    Choose Joy, Honor the King, Go in God's grace. I'll add...
    Be blessed with the what is blooming in your own backyard!

  3. You're so right. It's so easy to lose patience with the mundane tasks that make up our days, or consider them unimportant. Yet God's calling to take care of our families is the most important calling we could have. Yes, it involves some dirty work (pardon the pun), but it also reaps greater rewards.

    Thanks for reminding me that even scrubbing the pollen away can bring glory to Jesus (it's something I need to do here, too!)

  4. This is just perfect, Lisa.

    The phrase "the ministry of the mundane" has been running through my head and heart this year. This post summarizes my feelings beautifully.

    (How'd you do that, by the way?)

  5. Excellent post! This post really echoes what has been on my heart recently. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Amen and Amen Lisa...GREAT post! I too have a passion for helping women to understand that God gave us our FAMILY First so that is always our FIRST ministry.

    I was a SAHM for 9 years, then went into full time (and then some)ministry as a Pastor at our local church, then 8 months ago I walked away from my ministry at the church and decided it was way past time for me to RE-FOCUS my priorities on the FAMILY God gave me. Not that they were neglected or anything like that, but they did (sad to say) take a back seat to the church, and then God started (about 1 year ago) to show me that I was completely out of balance and needed to serve HIM through my family.

    Was it easy, no, because of the applause and accolades that come with working in a Senior staff position (not the lead pastor) at a mega church, was also w-a-y- past time to me to stop 'doing' things for others and start 'serving' my family.

    I even wrote a post one time about Grocery Shopping As An Act of Worship (for me I totally do NOT like to grocery shop) because the every day things we do for our family are an act of worship when our hearts are right.

    (Sorry for the soap box)

    Great post!

  7. Awesome post! Thanks for the encouragement!!

  8. Oh, you are so right. I often find myself "getting done" the mundane tasks just so I can "get a break" without realizing that the tasks before are a way I can glorify God.

    doing laundry tonight...perfect timing girl!