Monday, May 05, 2008

Contrary defined

From one of my all time favorite sites,

1. opposite in nature or character; diametrically or mutually opposed: contrary to fact; contrary propositions.
2. opposite in direction or position: departures in contrary directions.
3. being the opposite one of two: I will make the contrary choice.
4. unfavorable or adverse.
5. perverse; stubbornly opposed or willful.

6. something that is contrary or opposite: to prove the contrary of a statement.
7. either of two contrary things.
8. Logic. a proposition so related to another proposition that both may not be true though both may be false, as with the propositions “All judges are male” and “No judges are male.”

9. in opposition; oppositely; counter: to act contrary to one's own principles.

However, I need not look up the definition to know exactly what (and who!) contrary is. I live with contary. Did you catch a key word in the above definition? That key word being opposite? How about stubbornly opposed or willful? Can I get an Amen?

Here is one fact of life with a contrary child: he will act directly opposite of what you expect. Case in point: The Great Karate Showdown. He cries, wails, complains, accuses and ultimately calls with a curious stomach ailment. I stand my ground, worrying that I am the worst evil-Mama, shooting out an SOS via the world wide web.

I am nervous when my friend brings him home from his karate session. I brace myself, frankly, for more crying, wailing, complaining and accusation.


He is happy.

Not just happy, but jovial. Bouncing. In a great, fantastic, unbelievably jolly mood.

Behold, I give you contrary defined.


  1. **Chuckle** And yet another gray hair is born.

  2. Our dear 2nd born son was oh so contrary. I hesitated in giving advice cuz I still feel like I reacted so wrong, so many times to his stubborn willful spirit. It was so painful to watch him have to learn so many things by making the wrong choices. Yikes. I praise God everyday for God's mercy in his life!!

  3. We are living the same life only my contrary child is a 4 year old girl who also defines short and sassy

  4. Oh man these were fascinating reads girl! I am afraid my twin brother and I were quite the little trouble makers and I can see myself in your little contrarian! OY!

  5. Coming in late to this, but I totally think you did the right thing. (even if it hadn't ended this way) We have had the dicussion already about "quitting" and teaching committment. I think having him finish the month was reasonable and deep down, he knows it.

    Good job mom! God bless you all as you keep seeking His wisdom to hide your little ones!

  6. Arggh! Checked in too early yesterday and missed all of this. . . not that you need my "pearls" of wisdom! LOL But yeah, you are doing the right thing. It is my opinion that too many parents are pushovers today with their kids and the kids are running the show. Since you investigated the reasons and didn't discover that some awful thing had happened, I totally agree with your putting your foot down for persevering. And deep down, apparently Mr. Harry Harry Quite Contrary (since he's a boy and obviously isn't named Mary!) agrees and is secure. I suspect he would have been far less jovial if he had come home with brother yesterday and skipped karate. But he knows he can trust Mom & Dad to make him do the right thing.

  7. The joys of motherhood! LOL! Too funny!