Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Life in Six

So Melissa has tagged me with a meme! Participants are asked to write a six word memoir. That's right: SIX words. As in, 1-2-3-4-5-SIX! I first saw this at Linda's and confessed in her comments that brevity is not my strong suit.

To say the least. (no pun intended!)

But, ever one to rise to a challenge, I came up with the following six word ditties:

Stressed, overwhelmed, inadequate mom of four

She did the best she could
Or, what I fear will one day be my memoir:

Mom of sons loses her mind

Which reminds me of something of a joke around here...I often say I am the little old woman who lived in a shoe. You know, the one who had so many children she didn't know what to do? So she spanked them all soundly and put them to bed? Yeah, I'm her.

But that's more than six words.

However, if I got to choose my memoir, here is what I would hope would be the summation of my life, however long, however short:

She loved Jesus with her life...

With six more words:

To the glory of God alone.

Anyone else up to the challenge? Would would be the synopsis of your life, in 6 words or less?


  1. Well, aren't you ambitious?! I loved every single one of them. Beat me, hands down.

  2. Ha! Well done with your sixes!!

  3. Your first ones made me laugh out loud! Love your wit!

    And your last 2 took my breath away.

    Brevity may not be your strong suit, but eloquent expression of spiritual truths certainly is!

  4. I picked a very "spiritual one"...."His grace was sufficient for me" but lately I think your choice of "mother of sons loses her mind" is more appropos for me! LOL!

  5. I would hope mine would be this:

    She always tried to please Christ.

  6. Hey! I TOTALLY call myself "The little old lady who lived in the shoe!" All the time. I knew we were kindred spirits. I, for one, have been very glad no one has tagged me for this, because I think I would fail miserably at it. Although I thought "She did the best she could" was very clever.

  7. Loved them all! OH I am going to have to do this. I have been tagged and I see it all over. Cute idea!

  8. I loved these. All of them. You are so fun. Did you really tell Linda that brevity is not your strong suit, because I wrote her that same thing with an extra so in there. LOL

  9. Well, aren't you ambitious?! I loved every single one of them. Beat me, hands down.