Monday, May 19, 2008

Note to Self

To: Lisa
From: Lisa

Re: "Things You Forget But Need to Remember"

You like your hair dark. Highlights, as the name signifies, will result in hair that is light-er. In other words, those caramel highlights? You will think yourself a blonde. Next time, save yourself money and headache and just say "No."

Live and learn. Already.


  1. To: Lisa
    From: Marsha

    Tell Lisa that you like her hair...


  2. Yes definitely a picture would help with the visual!

    My daughter likes her hair dark also and put in red hilights and it looks really nice.

  3. Your hair looks nice with highlights. Amy and I both think so. We discussed it last night after church. I tell you that both to encourage you and to weird you out that we talked about your hair last night.:)

  4. It must be an affliction of people named Lisa. (Spelling variations don't matter.) This sounds like Lysa TerKeurst's post from a week or two ago!

    I bet you look cute regardless. And yeah, we need a picture!

  5. I agree with Brad. If you wanna see radical change, give my wife another couple weeks.

  6. Show us...let us be the judge;)


  7. You've got MEN chiming in about your hair?! It MUST be cute!

    So, where are those pictures?