Tuesday, May 13, 2008

True Confessions

  • I got up early this morning for the first time in many, many weeks.
  • I didn't get up at 5, but 5:30.
  • I didn't sit on my porch. It was 47 degrees outside.
  • I wish I could say my time with the Lord was intense and free from all distractions and that the faint sound of the tv in the background didn't bother me one bit.
  • I could say that, but it would be a lie.
  • Can you guess which one of my children gets up before six a.m.?
  • On my to do list today is deep cleaning my youngest two sons' room.
  • Their room is a certified disaster area.
  • I have not taught them proper responsibility in terms of keeping their room neat.
  • I am a wimp. I think I will clean the dining room today instead.
  • The dining room is also a certified disaster area.
  • Evidently I lack proper responsibility in terms of keeping things neat as well.
  • I do not blame my mother.
  • I have a zit on my lower lip and it is UGLY.
  • I haven't read The Excellent Wife in many, many weeks.
  • I have read others' posts on The Excellent Wife and though I haven't been reading the book on my own, I am still convicted. Vicarious conviction, perhaps?
  • I haven't read hardly anything at all lately.
  • I did indulge in The Tale of Despereaux a couple of weeks ago. I devoured it in a day and loved it.
  • I did read another (short) book this weekend, also in one day. I really wanted to like it; really I did.
  • I didn't really like it. While I didn't necessarily disagree with the author, I felt the message lacking. I was disappointed.
  • One of my pet peeves is the "once over"--you know, when you walk up and the other person glances at what you're wearing, down to your shoes, before looking up at you. Hate this!
  • Part of me feels sorry for Hillary Clinton.
  • I hope David C. wins American Idol. But I haven't voted even once all season.
  • I am tempted to delete the bullet point about cleaning the dining room.
  • Because my husband reads my blog and well, he will know...
  • In my somewhat distracted time with the Lord this morning, I read the following Scripture: Let him ask in faith, with no doubting...
  • Sometimes--a lot of times--I doubt.
  • I also read this: Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
  • Lord, grant me faith that pleases You!


  1. Well said. Well lived. Happy Tuesday.


  2. Ummm...you're in my brain again somewhere...Thanks for being honest. Too many blogs are so happy clappy I think that their lives cannot be real.

  3. I echo Elaine. Well written. Well Lived. You have such an amazing spirit and heart.

  4. I love this. I am even glad to know your dining room is a wreck!

    I echo and "amen" much of this. Except I didn't get up at 5:30 and it's certainly wasn't 47 degrees here! Yesterday's 70 felt downright chilly after being 100 both Friday and Saturday!

    Thanks for being authentic!

  5. Your life sounds a lot like mine. Your house sounds a lot like mine, too. I wimp out often on the cleaning and the teaching of responsibility to clean.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love your authenticity.

    Life is exactly like your list -- a mixture of hopes, corrections, deep thoughts and realizations.

  7. True confessions:
    *I got your message.
    *I couldn't answer the phone because the kids were screaming.
    *It's not you. It's them.
    *I mean, me.
    *I thought, If I would just send them to public school, then I could talk on the phone.
    *Then, I had mom-guilt.
    *Then, I had friend-guilt for not calling you back after I banished the kids to the yard.
    *I, too, love The Tale of Despereaux

  8. I love the bullet list...it made for a fun read.

    I may have to try this.

  9. Sometimes--a lot of times--I doubt.

    Oh, boy do I know that feeling.

  10. I've been reading TEW, but not posting because it's been so personal & convicting. So, I've been a slacker in that department, too.

    I'm working on teaching the responsibility to clean. It's probably easier with a girl, though. Like you, it's a lesson I need to learn myself (and I can't blame my mom, either).

  11. Hey girl, I am awarding you with the E award. The post should be up in about 10 min.

  12. you absolutely rock. disastrous dining room or not ;)

  13. Well said...thanks so much for being real. We believe, Lord...help our unbelief!


  14. Love the list format. And the honesty.

    If the TV were on at my house before 6 a.m., it might drive me to be an "un-excellent mother." Not that I'm up before 6, but still.

  15. I just stumbled upon your blog through another blog and I am also a mom of four boys... I loved this post! I identify with your lofty ambitions and the "dailyness" in real life.