Monday, May 19, 2008

Words worth pondering on prayer

In preparation for Bible study tonight, I ran across the following thought from John Piper:

Prayer is the breathing of the Christian life...

So don't think, Since God is the decisive keeper of my soul, I can spend as much time in prayerless sinning as in prayerful serving, and it won't make any difference. Yes it will. God's means of keeping your soul is not only the gift of life, but also the gift of prayer to sustain it. If you don't receive and use the gift of life-sustaining prayer, there is little reason to think that you receive and cherish the gift of life. If you don't treasure the gift of breath, you don't cherish the gift of life.

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  1. "Shall I sin more that grace might increase? May it never be!" Prayer is our link to God-a vital link! Great thoughts!

  2. Luv4mysons took my comment right out of my fingers. . . . the verse about sinning so grace could abound!

    Excellent word!