Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The day of small things

I am sitting on my porch. It is a glorious 65 degrees! For now, at least. It will no doubt warm up, and soon. But for now I will rejoice in the cool(er) temps, the light breeze and the gorgeous blue sky.

My devotional reading this morning contained Zech. 4:10, "Who has despised the day of small things?" Today is a day of small things. Since I have been sitting here, I've had to get up and go inside twice--first to fix a bowl of cheerios and second a bowl of froot loops. No, not for myself, but for my children who evidently cannot eat cereal at the same time as their brother but must wait until the mommy sits back down and picks her laptop back up and then decide they want breakfast.

I digress. Back to small things.

Yep, today is a day of small things. Fixing cereal for my sons. Taking the van to the shop. Going to the grocery store. Laundry. Ironing. Taking my son for a haircut.

A small day of (seemingly) small tasks.

May I not despise these tasks of serving my family. May I rejoice in the fact we have food to eat (cheerios and froot loops both), that we have transportation, and clothes to wear. We have a home, dirty as it is. We have a good and gracious God who grants us beautiful mornings with bright blue skies and cool breezes to remind us of His glory and His beauty.

May I find joy in serving my Lord not just in ways that seem big but in ways that seem small, and in everything giving thanks for today, a day of small things.


  1. Amen to the small things. I have a day filled with small things today also. Enjoy!!

  2. Small things are wonderful, indeed. They are the stuff life is made of.

  3. Yes. Amen and not fuss about the small annoyances...that is where the rub comes in! With you sister! Hugs!

  4. Amen!

    I've been thinking lately about how many families would give just about anything to have one more day full of small things with people they've loved and lost (aka the Chapmans).

    Lord, don't let me take a single minute for granted.

  5. Ah, 65 degrees sounds delightful!

    Just got back from a funeral and serving lunch to the family. The one who died was elderly, but it's always hard to say goodbye.

    May we always cherish the small things!!

  6. Small things to us. Big things to God. May we be found faithful in all of it.

  7. "May I not despise these tasks of serving my family."


  8. Small things are wonderful, indeed. They are the stuff life is made of.