Friday, June 13, 2008

Things unimportant, but only six

Mary at Not Before 7 has tagged me with an "unimportant meme" in which I am supposed to list six unimportant things about me. Only six? Hello, my whole life is comprised of the unimportant and ordinary! To choose a mere six out of the multitude of unimportant things I could share is indeed a challenge. That being said, some of the following I may have told you before (any longtime readers out there?). If so, smile and nod, and go ahead and post a nice comment anyway!

Six unimportant things about me:

1. My favorite color is black. Really. Not only to wear, but in general, followed closely by chocolate brown. But not together, although I once saw on an episode of "What Not to Wear" that black and brown is an acceptable combination.

2. I must wear a watch. Have to. For years, I even slept in one, no doubt a throwback to all those years of late night feedings.

3. Nearly every night I fall asleep on the sofa watching Anderson Cooper 360. What can I say? My sofa sleeps really good.

4. I have a large personal space. In other words, don't get too close and invade my "space." For example, I cannot stand for someone to come right up behind me in the checkout line at the grocery store.

5. Perhaps this has something to do with #4 above, but I don't really enjoy pedicures. Yep, you heard that right. Oh, I like for my feet to look all pretty and smooth, but getting a pedicure is not my idea of fun or indulgence. I think I'd rather spend that $20 at amazon!

6. The most unimportant thing about me would have to be: ME. But the most important thing? The Lord Jesus Christ. As I read in my devotional this morning, "to you who believe, He is precious." (1 Pet. 2:7) Me, I am the ordinary, unimportant clay jar. Jesus, He is the all surpassing Treasure. All that's important and unimportant about me belongs to Him. He is precious to me!

Thanks, Mary, for the meme tag! Anyone else want to play along? Consider yourself tagged!


  1. "All that's important and unimportant about me belongs to Him." Amen.

    AND I wholeheartedly agree about pedicures, 'tho we may be in the minority here. These are MY feet!

  2. Lisa....I totally agree with you and Cindi about the pedicure...not my thing at all...I have never had one...don't plan to have one...and I think we are certainly in the minority about that...I am an invader of space...I probably drive you crazy...ha...

    much love


  3. Well, if you're going to fall asleep watching something, I guess Anderson Cooper is an appropriate program.

    Is black a color?

  4. I love learning more about you, Lisa! Though, if you are my friend, you have to get over the personal space thing ; ) Just kidding : ) I did have a friend like you in college that I lived with. And slowly but surely she grew to appreciate my smaller personal space : ) I think, though, that my personal space has grown with children!!! I seem to need more of it these days! : ) So, maybe I wouldn't annoy you too bad! : )

    What is Anderson Cooper???

  5. That was a fun read. I'm with you on the big personal space! My very favorite color is it!

  6. Always love to read about you! I'm right there with you on the watch. Feel undressed without one.

    I'm inconsistent with personal space issues. Depends on who it is and what they're doing. Talking? Back off? Friend? a quick hug is okay. Pedicure? Feels great occasionally, but yeah, I can usually think of ways I'd rather spend my $.

  7. I am insane about having to wear a watch. If I forget to put it on (which is exceedingly rare), I don't function well. And I also have substantial personal space and it must be maintained. :)

  8. I think we are sisters! I don't like pedicures and would spend that money on books any day of the week. I usually fall asleep watching Fox News. I love black and brown and I am toltally sayin' AMEN on #6. Thanks for keppin it real.


  9. I'm with you on 4,5,6, but have to pass on Anderson Cooper. I liked him better when he hosted "The Mole."


  10. Hi Lisa,

    I don't ordinarily post comments on blogs written by people I don't know (it creeps me out when it happens to me) but I just wanted to say I think your blog's pretty cool. Oh, and I wouldn't say that you're unimportant; after all, the pearl of great price and the treasure in the field are none other than you, me and all of God's children. Blessings.

  11. Lisa, it was so good meeting you on Sunday! You have an awesome blog, and I'm sure Sharon will love to check it out too. Keep in touch!

  12. Lisa, it was so good meeting you on Sunday! You have an awesome blog, and I'm sure Sharon will love to check it out too. Keep in touch!