Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm back

Well, we are back from the beach, full synopsis to come. The short version: I sat by the ocean; I read. I sat by the pool; I read. That's pretty much it. I did not miss my internet in earnest until yesterday. After logging on just a few minutes ago, I see that I will certainly be busy with the many emails that accumulated in my absence, not to mention all the unread posts in my reader! In the meantime, since you're here, check this out...

My boy did something stupid. Granted, he was thirteen at the time, and, well, you moms of teenaged sons know as well as I do that “boy” and “stupid” go hand-in-hand, especially when the boy in question is thirteen years old.

Well, this particular version of stupid manifested itself in a scribble on the wall of a rival school’s team dressing room....

If you haven't already, head over to 5 Minutes for Mom to read the rest of my post!


  1. So glad you're back, friend. I've missed you!

  2. Welcome home!! Look forward to the synopsis!

  3. Lisa, ask Annah Grace about writing on the bleachers at Douglas gym while wearing a cheerleader uniform in junior high. I have been there just like you and got a good laugh from this story. Don't worry about it too much. I think Annah turned out ok, but she too needed to just say NO to sharpies! Just as your son, she had ALOT of school spirit. He is a wonderful young man and will use that enthusiasm to further the Lord's kingdom one day! Pam Barclift

  4. Woohoo! So glad you're back! I missed clicking on your site. Look forward to hearing all about it.

    And I loved your post over at 5 Minutes!

  5. So glad you're back, friend. I've missed you!