Friday, July 18, 2008

On Mission

Ever since Angela first announced her "Blog Mission Tour" at Becoming Me, I've been pondering the questions inherent in creating a statement of purpose. Like, for example, is there a purpose to this hobby? Why do I blog? What do I hope to accomplish? What is the point? Can I define it?

I think these are good questions, important questions, particularly as I realize the number of minutes (even hours) I spend writing, editing and posting.

I know what you're thinking: Hours? She spends hours on this stuff? You'd be surprised, especially right now where I am struggling for every. single. word.

There are a variety of reasons as to why I may write a particular post. Sometimes it's something of challenge, to see if I have the words within me and the ability to express them with some degree of coherency. Sometimes I write as an outlet, my emotion finding relief by pouring it all out on the keyboard seeking the clarification and contemplation blogging brings. Other times I blog to chronicle my journey, the lessons learned, struggles endured, faith forged. A lot of times I post out of friendship, in genuine enjoyment of the community of friends I've discovered through this crazy medium.

To borrow from an earlier post, blogging has become a compulsion, yes, but it is also an outlet, an avenue, a way to sift through the various twists and turns of my journey, holding them up to the light of God's Word and seeking to understand more of His Person and His ways.

And here I find my purpose. Regardless of what compels me on a given day to write a given post, it is my earnest desire that the Lord Jesus Christ is exalted in my blogging and in my life. The ordinary blogger living (and chronicling) her ordinary life seeking to make much of her extraordinary Lord.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. Ps. 19:14


  1. Well said, Lisa. I have to say that, even though I've only been reading your blog for a little while, I love your writing. It's honest and fun, and makes me want to be a better writer. Like you, I am struggling lately with what to write. Sometimes it seems as though there's nothing interesting enough to write about. But even if it's simple, it's good for me to write and fun to share. Even if it does take hours.

  2. Great thoughts, Lisa. Your focus on Him is always a blessing to me.

  3. Now you're reading my mind! Since I'm mostly an all or nothing type of girl, blogging falls into this unusual space in my life because I'm not able to be all or nothing. Maybe this is from where my sporadic blogging binges issue.

    At those times of stress, and it is a stress to wonder what to write, will anyone read, blah, blah, blah, I have to remember that I started my blog as an outlet of writing to express life, to finish my thoughts somewhere, and to remember. It has grown from that, but I want that original purpose to continue.

    I should have just blogged all that. And so it goes.

  4. what an amazing journey. I love how you expressed all the different reasons that you blog...

  5. I'm a little late with the mission tour.

    But wanted to let you know I like you mission statement and will return to read more.

  6. Very well said never cease to amaze me with your words!