Friday, September 12, 2008

It's official

My husband and I have now crossed the line into the Land of Parenting Two Teenagers. That's right, our number two boy is thirteen as of today. Inconceivable.

What can I say about my number two boy? He is a joy. Fiercely competitive, lovingly affectionate, happily content. Silly, witty, and determined. My life is so much the better for being his mom! He is truly a blessing from the hands of the Giver of all good things...

And, by the way, today marks a turning point for our boys as well. They now reside with two parents in their fortieth decade of life (whether those parents can believe it or not)!

So, happy, happy birthday to both my guys! I love you both!


  1. I can do you one better!

    I am now in my FIFTH decade and my eldest turns TWENTY-SEVEN today.

    He's two years older than I was when I gave birth to him!

    Enjoy every day--before you know it those boys will be out of the house and you'll be smitten with your grandchildren.

    Happy Birthday!

    I don't know how it happens so fast; I'm still young!

  2. hey I'm in good company in my FIFTH decade with a 29 year old boy, 27 year old boy, and a 22 year old girl. So far we've all survived by God's grace and mercy.
    A very happy birthday to your 2nd born!!

  3. Happy Birthday to them both.

    I'm 6 months into the FOURTH decade, with a girl who's getting ready to complete her FIRST decade in a couple of weeks. I'm not ready for the whole teenager thing yet, but it will be here before I know it.

  4. I can't believe #2 is a teenager! Oh my, oh my. Time just keeps passin'.

    I hope the day brings blessings that cause both your birthday guys to feel extremely special!

    Wish we could be there in person, celebrating September birthdays with you!

  5. Wow 2 teens!!! I can't even imagine! ; ) I look forward to learning from you!

  6. Good Luck & God Bless! You are in for a wild ride. LOL Melissa

  7. Happy Birthday to the guys! What a special birthday gift your husband received 13 years ago!

    And um, no wonder you have four kids if you think it's inconceivable how old your kids are! :-)

    Love from your bloggy friend who is adjusting to 2 teens myself!

  8. I know we always joke about not wanting our kids -- much less ourselves -- to grow older. But truly, each day is a gift from God. You have been gifted mightily.

    (Also -- love the new look!)

  9. Yikes! I am in my third decade and will have 3 teenagers in the house in about a month and a half.

    Happy Birthday to your guys!


  10. Wow, two teenagers, where does the time go?

    So, how does Randy feel being old like the rest of us?

    Love you,

  11. Hi Lisa and everyone else,
    I've been a long time reader and lurker/never-commenter. I don't have a Google/Blogger I remain anonymous, I guess. I read blogs; I don't write them!
    I'm 47 with a 19 year old and almost-15 year old. We are all getting older, aren't we? Hopefully, we're getting smarter and wiser too, huh?

    I just thought I'd throw something out there that you all may not like very much...
    But if you are now 40 years old or older, you are actually in your
    5th decade of life.

    0-10 is the first decade
    11-20 is the second decade
    21-30 is the third decade
    31-40 is the fourth decade
    41-50 is the fifth decade
    and, Kim from Hiraeth, sorry...
    51-60 is the sixth decade! (ouch!)

    Actually, as one thinks it through, on your 40th birthday, you end the fourth decade. You also begin your fifth decade on your 40th birthday. Your 41st birthday marks the end of the first year of your fifth decade.

    Does any of this make sense? Does anyone ever want me to comment again? Yikes.

    Happy birthday, Lisa. And may God bless you with many more birthdays, and decades!!
    From another Lisa of the same decade.
    Lisa P. of Colorado

  12. Hi Lisa P! Though it pains me to admit it, you are so very right. I will still allow you to visit (and comment!)--last year someone else made the same observation and I didn't ban them either. Yet. :-)

  13. Milestones for your son and your husband on the same day. Big celebrations going on at your place.

    I'll have 2 teens next year. I can't say I'm too thrilled about it. Already feels they're slipping away.

    Have fun eating cake!

  14. This week, it's MY birthday that causes me to reflect on how much my kids have grown. Check out the "before" and "after" photos of FavoriteSon on my Wordless Wednesday post.

    What happened to those cute little cheeks? Now there's a strong jaw. And it needs a shave.

  15. Wow! Congrats. I love your new look by the way

  16. Good Luck & God Bless! You are in for a wild ride. LOL Melissa