Friday, October 17, 2008

A Day in the Life, or The Most Boring Blog Post Ever

I saw this "Day in the Life" style posting on another blog so I thought I'd "borrow" the idea, if for no other reason than to let you know how boring my life really is...

Awake, 5:45 am.
Sit on porch in the dark, drink coffee, think. And pray.
Wake the children, make breakfast pour cereal in bowls, pack lunch boxes.
Take four children to four schools.
Put gas in suburban.
Sit on porch, eat breakfast, drink coffee, read devotional, do Bible study.
Check email, drink coffee, write a blog post.
Read with reading buddy at the elementary school, who, incidentally, was far more interested in the dvd on Lewis and Clark that the librarian was showing another class than he was in reading about Fox playing a trick on Stork.
Get hair cut.
Browse for a few minutes in local "department" store, look for bargains.
Leave empty-handed.
Get suburban washed.
Go through drive through at Chick Fil A and get a Chick N Strip salad.
Eat lunch at home while reading.
Chat on phone with friend.
Sweep and mop kitchen.
Check email, catch up on a few blogs.
Pick up three children at three schools.
Call husband to tell him our Bibles are in and to work out the evening's schedule since we have simultaneous meetings. Remind him to pick up son from basketball.
Peruse new Bible.
Start supper, unload and load dishwasher and clean up kitchen.
Change clothes, go to meeting.
Home from meeting, finish cooking supper.
Eat with family.
Send email requesting replacement Bible as husband's is defective.
Fuss at two younger children for arguing over legos. Remind them (with elevated volume) that it is the Lord's will for them to be grateful and to share.
Sit on sofa, read, drink coffee, watch Fox News.
Who knew McCain was so funny?
Put kids in bed.
Read, watch Fox News.
Fall asleep on sofa.
Wake up, go get in bed, 12:23am.


  1. 12:23 to bed and you can still get up and have coffee in the dark!!!
    Sounds like a nonstop life you are leading :0)
    (McCain was pretty funny-I saw a video this morning after the fact)

  2. Well, you're getting lots of devo and Bible Study time in there. And seems like not near enough sleep.

  3. My husband and I say quite often how much we enjoy boring:) Things chnage as we get older, don't they?

  4. I get about 6 hours of sleep of night although I'd regularly prefer about 10. ;)

    Chick fil A. THAT is one of the greatest blessings of living in the south! We don't have one in Oregon. =(

    Of course, in my case, that might be a good thing.

    Meal #1 with the two crucial pickles and sweet tea?! Ahhh, the LIFE!

  5. Sounds like a good day to me. I am impressed at the amount of Bible time you make during your day, esp. with the seeming lack of sleep. Sadly, Bible study is always the first thing to go in my day. I must say I am a little curious about the defective Bible.

  6. Interesting to read about your day!

  7. Boring? No!

    I loved reading it, and only imagined myself being on the back porch MORE.

  8. You might think that post was boring, Lisa. But I have to say, for a mom in the throes of having children at home and underfoot 24/7, that post sounded like HEAVEN. You mean I might yet experience a day this side of eternity when I'll get to have a moment to myself? I can't imagine.

    I'm not wishing time away. Yet, it's good to know there are blessings on the other side.

  9. I love a mom when she occasionally employs the use of "elevated volume".