Friday, January 23, 2009

National Handwriting Day

Evidently I should've followed Kim's lead and employed lined paper!

HT: Kim @ Hiraeth


  1. Thanks for playing, Lisa! You have a very cheery hand! :D

    And your new scanning skills are AWESOME! ; )

  2. I don't know scan...
    I took a photo of mine and uploaded it that way :0)
    Fun to see your writing...

  3. Oh, what fun. I love your handwriting, particularly the little flourishes on g's and y's.

    I do think I'll play along.

  4. I wouldn't dare play long. The only "C" I ever made....well, until that C in Tax Accounting in college was in 2nd grade in handwriting. I was/am scarred for life.

    A colleague used to laugh at me and told me my handwriting was bad...even for a MAN!

    It's amazing how similar your handwriting has stayed over so many years.

  5. If I had your handwriting, I would never type. It's GORGEOUS. They should make a font based based on it.

  6. I LOVE your handwriting. It's just lovely. And unique. I hope you write letters by hand to those you love. They will cherish them all the more because your writing is so recognizable.

  7. I'm with Chaotic Joy. Anyone receiving a hand-written note/letter from you would surely want to save it. Just lovely.

  8. What a fun signature!

    Mine is truly horrid and gets worse as I age.

  9. Not bad Lisa--much much better than mine!