Saturday, February 21, 2009

25 Random Things

Or, alternatively titled, "More Than You Could Ever Want to Know About Me and Then Some"

There's a current trend in the Facebook subculture whereby participants post a note of 25 random things about themselves and then tag 25 of their closest Facebook friends to do the same. Well, I've been tagged more times than I could keep up with, now finally joining in the fun. So much fun, in fact, that I decided to share the joy with all my faithful blog readers, those of you have certainly been curious about the randomness that is me (two or three of you, maybe?). Anyway, here goes...

1. I am a sinner saved by the glorious grace of a merciful God who made me alive in Christ even when I was dead in my sin. It is by grace I am saved, through faith, and not by anything I have done or will do! To the praise of the Lord Jesus Christ!

2. One of God's greatest blessings to me is my husband of nearly eighteen (18!) years. He is so good to me and loves me far more than I deserve.

3. I am the mom of four sons.

4. I secretly thought the last son would be a daughter. I cried when I found out otherwise.

5. Then I cried because I had cried.

6. I am, of course, exceedingly grateful for my youngest boy, as all my boys.

7. Parenting is the hardest thing I've ever done I'm still doing. Parenting teenagers, especially.

8. I am a terrible housekeeper.

9. I am terrible at nearly all the domestic arts.

10. When I was a girl I wanted to be an astronaut.

11. I also wanted to be a nurse. That is, until my mom had me salt and pepper some chicken breasts. I nearly threw up.

12. I also wanted to be a writer.

13. Sometimes I still do.

14. My passion is teaching women the joys of Christ found in the study of His Word.

15. I've been teaching and facilitating women's Bible studies for over ten years.

16. In the first Bible study class I facilitated, I was the youngest one in the room of 15-10 women. Talk about being intimidated!

17. My favorite color is black.

18. My favorite food is dark chocolate, followed closely by anything someone else cooks. See #9 above.

19. I also love coffee, black.

20. I drink way too much coffee.

21. I love to read, my favorite novel being Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I will not confess to you how many times I've read it (too many to count, actually).

22. When the Pride & Prejudice movie released in theaters, my husband took me on opening night. He was one of only two men in the sold out theater. See #2 above.

23. I've been in five wrecks where I was driving (I think). Only three were my fault.

24. I'm not a very good driver.

25. All this randomness proves one thing: I am but a common, ordinary wife and mother with a common, ordinary life. Really, my only aspiration is this: to love the Lord Jesus with everything in me, exalting Him as my greatest Treasure and fullest joy. May my simple life be summed up like this: For me, to live is Christ!


  1. What a super list, although I must say one can never drink too much coffee, especially as it should defiantely be its own food group!!

  2. I'm so glad you finally caved in to the pressure and made your list.

    #8 - me too.

    #11 - raw chicken is on a whole 'nuther level than people. I'm a nurse but I've cut up a raw chicken one time and said "never again."

  3. Love your list! And I love random and ordinary; it's good stuff.

  4. An astronaut!? Interesting. I enjoyed reading your list. You do have a wonderful family. It is a pleasure getting to know the Spences.

  5. I'm a bad driver too. We do have so much in common.

  6. "...only three were my fault."

    Goodness Lisa, that cracked me up.

    By the way, you are a writer my friend.

  7. Drew wanted to be an astronaut up until flight school when he was assigned helos instead of jets. (He went to space camp in H'ville)

  8. Loved reading this! And you know I'm right there with you on being a mom of boys, a terrible housekeeper, and of course, the dark chocolate!

  9. I've been tagged several times also and have yet to cave, or actually take the time to do it. And, I can relate to finding out you are having yet another boy. Having said that, I love my boys, and I'm so glad that God has blessed me with them.

  10. Oh, how fun to read!

    I'm envious your man took you to see P&P in the theater. I can't even get mine to watch it with me at home!

  11. Just catching up with you this week, Lisa. I love your list! Your love for Jesus really shines through.

    (I put my list on my blog too. Much easier that way, huh?)