Sunday, August 02, 2009

Williamsburg, part 2

More pictures from Days 1-4...

Waiting outside the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor's Center for our tickets to be delivered.

Eating lunch at the tavern. Next time I'd love to go for supper; there's no electric lights so at night it would all be candlelight.

At the blacksmith's.

The fife and drum march.

At the capitol.

The raging rapids at Busch Gardens. My husband and I gracefully declined all rides with the potential of getting wet.

Day 4 continued:
We did return to Colonial Williamsburg Tuesday afternoon and had some of the best tours of our visit. The brickmakers, the cabinet makers, the shoe maker, all great. The best tour, however, came at the end of the day, so late in fact that we almost decided against going. I'm so glad we didn't! The Randolph house: absolutely fascinating. To think we stood in the same dining room as Jefferson and Washington and all the other "who's who" among the revolutionaries--the same dining room complete with original floorboards and window panes! It was as our tour guide described it: we were walking in the steps of giants. An excellent tour; I think perhaps my favorite of them all.

Some mores pictures from Williamsburg:

A cannon on the campus at William and Mary.

The shoemaker.
Outside Randolph House.
Going into the cabinet maker's. See the lady in period costume? I think I want her job when I grow up. My husband and I could retire to Virginia, I could host tours in Colonial Williamsburg and he could ride his bike on the Colonial Parkway. Sounds like a win-win to me.
At the brickmaker's.

Walking past the colonial nursery.
Some of the gardens behind the shoemaker (I think). There are sheep grazing beyond that fence; the weaver told us his wool came from one of the sheep named "Bob" (I think).
All in all, I completely loved Colonial Williamsburg. Can't wait to go back.

Next up: DC. Lots of pictures to share!


  1. Are you still in DC? You're up in my neck of the woods now! :)

  2. I have loved reliving my own trip in seeing your pictures. So glad that you all enjoyed yourselves.

  3. Look at all your handsome boys! What a great blessing. Enjoy...

  4. Hrm...that move to Virginia. The only problem I see is the serious commute to church on Sundays.

  5. Dinner by candlelight would be so neat! You're pictures and descriptions are really making me want to visit there!

  6. I haven't been to Williamsburg since I was a kid, but I know my husband and my oldest would love to go sometime. One of these years...