Friday, April 16, 2010

Meeting Leslie

Last night I had so much fun meeting-and-greeting Leslie of Alabamenagerie! Leslie and I have been internet friends for years; I can't even remember how our blog paths first crossed. We both live in Alabama yet never had the opportunity to meet what with the eight kids between us and the responsibilities therein. But when I learned I would be taking my son over her way for a conference, we were finally able to work things out for a MIRL ("meet in real life") over coffee at Barnes and Noble.

We chatted about everything and anything including (among other things): school, Star Wars, our kids, blogging, doctrinal integrity, writing, and Yentl. Believe it or not, we never got around to discussing football (Alabama or Auburn), LOST or politics. So there you go. I think we could have talked non stop all weekend long!

Leslie posted on her Facebook page that she and I have been kindred spirits for years and right she is, a fact made all the more evident by our too-short visit last night. I am grateful for the example and encouragement she is to me. She is a smart and serious student of God's Word who also happens to be sweet and delightful and lots of fun to hang out with at the bookstore on a Thursday night! If you're not a regular reader of her blog, you should be!

And her kids came along for the fun. What great kids! I was glad to meet them as well.

Oh, and in violation of all blog protocol for MIRLs, we didn't even get a picture. Forgive us?


  1. Sounds like a great time. I'll just confess my envy right now. Would love to meet Leslie, and see you again...although I'd be a bit intimidated by the some of the deep theological discussions going on. You both encourage and teach me so well!

  2. Oh what fun. I'm so glad you got together!!

  3. I can't believe we didn't talk about LOST!

  4. Neat. I enjoy Leslie's blog, too.

  5. What fun! I'm meeting a blog friend today and my camera battery is charging as I type. Now if I can just remember to snap the picture! LOL

    I love the name of Leslie's blog. So clever!

  6. Forgiven, I guess. ;D

    I can't wait to meet Jennifer which will be MY first MIRL event. And I'm SO bringing my camera. =P (To New York City? Uh, yeah.)

    What fun! (ANd, for my part, what anticipation!)

  7. That's it. I'm moving to AL. It's where the cool kids hang out. Sigh.