Monday, May 03, 2010

Status Report, May my dining room table

Drinking...nothing at the moment, though a Caramel Java Chiller from Sonic sounds really good. Not good for me but good nonetheless. It's not gonna happen but I'm just letting you know.

Welcoming...a return to some semblance of routine normalcy, such as it is post tornado. The tornado and its effects remain the topic du jour at church, at the bridal tea I attended yesterday, at the return to "school" this morning. I wonder if we will ever tire of talking of it, of sharing our stories.

Praying...for those in Nashville facing their own kind of new normal. May the Lord be merciful...

Feeling...caught once again in that to-blog-or-not-to-blog conundrum. Sometimes it all feels so stupid. Is it just me? Does anyone else wonder about the why's and wherefore's of this strange hobby?

Memorizing...Colossians 1 with my friend. Or, rather, attempting to memorize chapter 1. I've made it through verse 20. Sort of. My husband tells me that I remind him of Barney from the Andy Griffith show when he was trying to recite the Preamble to the Constitution. Have you seen that episode? It's a classic! usual grocery store. It was damaged by the tornado so I shopped today at a sister grocery store here in our city. Ugh. Hoping my store gets up and running soon!

Pondering...a twitter update that just popped up (oh, the wonders of Tweetdeck) encouraging me to not be afraid to be amazing. Am I really afraid of being amazing? Or just incapable? Is everyone supposed to be amazing? Aren't some of us doomed to be ordinary so that the amazing-ness of others will actually be amazing? Hmmm....

Realizing...I think too much.

Reading...Radical by David Platt.

Recommending...Radical by David Platt. In fact, quit reading this drivel and go buy this book. Now. I'm serious. Go. Click. Buy. Read. Be convicted. live a life marked by a radical obedience to Christ's command to take up my cross and abandon everything for the gospel.

Wondering...what that kind of radical lifestyle looks like for an ordinary, funk-prone soccer mom who thinks too much


  1. Did you know that our B&N is only going to have 3 copies of Radical? FOR SHAME! I told the man at Customer Service that they are going to need more than three. I reserved two copies for my best girl friends and they'll pick them up Tuesday so we can start reading it together. So, just so y'all know -- the Tuscaloosa B&N will only have ONE copy.

    I can't tell you how many times in reading that book I've had to stop and ask myself, "Did he really just say that?" I mean, seriously, my toes are black and blue. He didn't just step on them, he took a sledgehammer and crippled me. Life, as I have known it, is ruined. I am so excited about the change, though!

  2. Yep, black and blue here as well. And I'm only halfway through?! How I pray I am crippled and ruined, both. I need the sledgehammer more than I care to admit...

  3. Hey Girls!
    I've just finished the D. Platt book "Radical". We're in the process of moving the next two days so my review won't be up until the end of the week, but I echo the "black and blue" feelings you all have shared! This book has rocked my world and my heart. I'm thinking I'll be processing all that Platt shared for some time!!!

  4. Jennifer DixonMay 03, 2010 12:36 PM

    I have seen that Andy Griffith episode. It is a classic! I giggle thinking about you echoing Randy as you try to memorize Colossians 1. Kudos for the attempt!

    It is a pleasure reading your blog. I am glad you have made it your hobby.

  5. Re: the's definitely not just you who ponders and waffles. I do want you to stick around, though. For a good, long time!

    I've seen Radical and references to it, popping up all over the place. I'm going to have to get...but may have to prepare myself first, judging by all the reactions I've seen!

  6. I just finished Radical, too. Definitely convicting.

    I so relate to many things you say. Does that mean I think too much also? :-) I'll have to think about it...

  7. Black & blue toes here, too. I'm nearly finished & feel like I need to start all over again.

    And you know my struggle with the blogging thing...thus the changes I recently made. I echo Katrina's hope that you'll be around for a long time.

  8. My toes are smashed to smithereens with Radical!

    I always love your Status Reports, and the last few items on this one crack me up. There will be a huge void in the bloggy world if you quit!

  9. I'm going to go off and not be afraid to be amazing now....

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  11. I'm thinking about thinking too much. Is that possible? I think not (ha!) unless we're thinking in a way that doesn't please and honor God. But maybe I'm biased because my mind is usually running full tilt.

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  13. I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm going to put that book on my amazon wish list.

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