Monday, May 09, 2011

What have I missed?

At last log in, the number of unread posts in my Google reader had accumulated to well over one thousand. Though I haven't done an official tally I'm thinking the number is closer to half that again. Yes, 1500 of your posts, no doubt full of wisdom and encouragement, languishing in perpetuity, remaining unread in my Google reader.

I know I need to just click the "Mark all as read" link. I will, though I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger, in a matter of speaking. What will I miss? What have I missed?

So here's a shout out to all my fellow bloggers: Can you help a girl out? What's been going on out there in blogland? What have you been writing about over on your site? Any interesting discussions or fun ideas? What sorts of posts have I missed by not visiting your blog? Do you have a post or two or three that you think I'd like reading? Post a comment, link up, help me out--inquiring minds want to know!

And to the blog readers out there: as you've clicked and read your way through various blogs and readers, have you discovered any must read posts? Post a link in the comments and let us know!

Thanks, friends. I'm looking forward to your help as I make my way to a clear conscience and an empty reader cache. :)


  1. I often have this problem...Maybe I subscribe to too many blogs? Sometimes I do hit the "Mark All Read" button and call it good...but, like you, then I wonder what I missed (and, come to find out, the answer is usually nothing). :)

    I've found it helpful to divide my Google Reader by type of blog ("pastoral" or theological blogs, mommy-blogs, missionaries, friends...). This way, I can skim through a number of blogs from whatever section I'm in the mood for/have time for, and see what, if anything, grabs my attention. If I find something good, I'll stop and read, or save it for later, but the others get marked read. It cuts the number quickly, and I still feel like I'm (somewhat) staying on top of what is going on in bloggy-world. :)

    All that to say, you may mark mine read... Which should cut your count by, oh, about 2. ;)

    Happy reading! :)

  2. My list of blogs I follow is growing and I don't always get to read all the posts...when I'm behind sometimes I'll just go the blog page instead of the post and scroll down to see if any of them catch my eye and then comment on them all at once on the most recent post...
    good luck
    Mama Bear

  3. Cheater. :) haha!

    Well, since we're friends on FB - you haven't missed my earth-shattering news.

    Good luck catching up....that's what I'm trying to do this morning.

  4. Lisa- I know the feeling sister! So many great blogs and so little time. On my mind lately is evangelism. My spiritual birthday is always a huge deal to me at several levels - I worry that Reformed Christians might have a tendancy to ignore evangelism and rest on the laurels of election. I vote for bringing back gospel tracts and passing them out by the truckload.
    God bless you sister for your faithfulness to share the Word of Christ!
    Here's my post yesterday re: those who shared with me.

  5. Oh yes, the Mark All Read dilemma. It's hard, but sometimes you just have to click it. :) As for me, I've actually been kind of blogging again lately. I won't say "I'm back," because as soon as I say that I'll probably quit again. :) But for now, I'm blogging and there are that's something.