Thursday, September 08, 2011

Physical Evidence

Jules tagged me with the following meme reasoning that because bloggers sometimes need a comic boost and a nudge, why not a meme which demands physical evidence:

1. What could serve as physical evidence that you sometimes lose focus?

My multifocus (a.k.a. bifocal) contact lens

2. What could serve as physical evidence that you are loved?

My husband who knows me best and sees the very worst of me and still comes home for supper.

3. What could serve as physical evidence that you’re from wherever you’re from?

There's the fact that I make a gallon of sweet tea a day, as well as the fact I would never, not ever, no never dare to wear white shoes after Labor Day, but the biggest evidence is most likely in my speech. Yes, I have something of a drawl an accent, y'all.

4. What could serve as physical evidence that you went anywhere this past week?

How about the sack of flour I purchased this morning, despite having been to the store yesterday and the day before?

5. What could serve as physical evidence that you recently caved in to temptation?

The Target receipt from my last trip to the big city which shows that not only did I buy a pair of red flats but I paid FULL PRICE for them too...

What to join along? Consider yourself tagged and let us know in the comments so we can examine your evidence as well. See who else Jules tagged and check out their responses!


  1. When I was working in a very conservative bank, the women were are very fashionable and paid particular attention to things like not wearing white shoes after labour day, and not wearing brown shoes with grey pants. I solved one of those issues by never wearing white shoes at all.

  2. I'm not a fan of the white shoe myself. I do have a pair of white sandals that I bought last summer but that's my only pair.

  3. I solved that problem by never wearing shoes.

  4. I stopped wearing them because I worked in a big city and the subway and streets made them dirty.

  5. You and me both, at least at home. :)

  6. The nice thing about Target is that you shouldn't feel guilty about paying full price for anything :)

    This looks like fun, so I might try it out too.