Wednesday, October 19, 2011



...I did not clean out the refrigerator this morning as I intended.

...I did watch the end of an Inspector Lewis episode I recorded a couple of weeks ago. It is a cold and gray day, perfect for a British murder mystery--or, at the very least, the last half hour of one!

....I did not fall asleep watching the end this particular episode as I've done the first two times I attempted to watch it. Finally, I know who the murderer is!

....I did go to the Crisis Pregnancy Center as is my usual Wednesday routine.

...I did not know how to say "Happy Birthday" in Spanish but I still sang to the precious little Hispanic boy who accompanied his mom to the Center today. "Tomorrow his happy," she told me with a big grin as she kissed his cheek.

...I did enjoy attempting to converse with a sweet family who know the Lord, but English, not quite so much. I was glad we were able to meet some of their tangible needs like diapers and warm clothes.

...I did not run my errands after leaving the Center.

...I did come home, make a pot of coffee and change into a sweatshirt and jeans.

...I did not wish for the warm 80's of yesterday but confess to being somewhat chilled by the sudden drop in temperatures. Chilled or no, I'm liking the cool weather. Lows in the 30's this week, yes!!!

...I did pick up chicken fingers from the grocery store deli for supper. I am tired, I feel like maybe I'm getting sick, I did not want to cook, and I'm okay with that. Plus I scored major mom points with my boys.

...I did not feel like posting today, blogging experiment or not.

...I did post anyway, such as it is.


  1. In case you need it in the future: "Feliz cumpleaƱos."

    The value of many, many years of living in South Texas :)

  2. I did...spend way too much time online and not enough time on laundry! Oh will be there tomorrow.

  3. Hope you don't get sick. Yippee for chicken fingers!

  4. I hope your feeling better. I can relate to falling asleep in a show several times. Yup, been doing the same.

  5. I like those Inspector Lewis mysteries, too! I also have a hard time staying awake, though, because it's usually late when I start watching. So sweet about the birthday singing. Good job with posting anyway. Coffee helps, right? Me, I'm having a whole pot of Lady Grey tea to myself this afternoon. :-)

  6. Found you via Rebecca whom I found long ago through Challies...I think. :) Anyway, my husband and I have watched most of Inspector Lewis on Netflix. Love that series when we can understand what they are saying. Spent a little time reading through your blog and really like it. Will be back. I'm at the "end of the tunnell" on mothering with 3 young adult children out of the nest and a 12yro perching on the edge! Would love to have you visit at
    Happy Thanksgiving.