Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home again, home again

After what has to be one of the bumpiest flights in history (or at least in my limited experience), we arrived home in Alabama last night. And what a homecoming I had! My youngest son burst out the door shouting greetings before my suburban even made the turn into the garage. Hugs and kisses (from family and dog) make coming home all the more sweet.

Today as I reenter the real world, I plan to rest. And think. And process. And go to the grocery store. And do laundry. And do more laundry. My men, bless their hearts--laundry isn't high on their priority list. I've been away since Thursday and they washed one load in that course of time and it's still in the dryer. They need me. But that's okay because I need them too. :)

Despite having posted copious notes from the plenary sessions I realize I haven't shared any of my own personal reflections and thoughts on the weekend. I hope to do so soon. Today the big post-conference "what now?" looms large in my mind and I want to answer it well.

To that end, I will think and process and pray and ponder while sorting and folding clothes and making grocery lists and taking my son to practice. This is, after all, the call of the disciple: living out this day's privileges and responsibilities in the power of the gospel, theology and reality merging into all things done in the name of the Lord Jesus to the glory of God the Father, yes and amen.


  1. Good to meet you, too! I got home late Sunday night, so laundry day was yesterday (and yes, hard to believe how much laundry is generated when mom is gone!). I'm looking forward to processing all the amazing things we heard this weekend, and it's great to have other bloggers who were there and will be meditating on these things, too. Hopefully we can help each other, as well as all our readers, to believe and apply these truths!

  2. Yes and amen, indeed! I'll look forward to hearing your personal reflections. After you've sorted the stack. (Of laundry, I mean.)