Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Status Report, August the front desk at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. It's been a slow afternoon, client-wise, and I'm here alone so I thought I'd take advantage of a free few minutes and post a quick report on my current status.

Drinking...nothing at the moment. I forgot to bring a lunch and since my church meets next door to the center and my dear friend happens to also be the wife of my pastor she took pity on me and conscripted him to bring me lunch.

Waiting...for lunch.

Mourning...the arrival of August and the Big Change it signifies. Okay, so maybe "mourning" is too strong a word. How about "greeting with some degree of melancholy". boy to college on the 11th (the aforementioned Big Change).

Wondering...if I said and did and taught and emphasized and encouraged all that I should have over the last eighteen years. I'm pretty sure I didn't. rest in the glorious sufficiency of my all sufficient Lord. He is enough. I am not.

Forgetting...all my lofty plans and projects I wanted to accomplish over the course of the summer. Rather than getting all upset with myself and feeling like a lazy loser I've chosen the freedom of glorious forgetfulness. Painting the dining room (or not) carries no eternal weight, yes and amen!

Planning...for a fruit basket turnover upstairs as we shift bedrooms between the boys once my son goes off to school. My younger two have been sharing a room so they are eager for a space of their own!

Easing...back into some semblance of a schedule. School begins on the 20th but we've already begun football practice and band practice and soccer practice. It hasn't been unusual for me to make as many as six round trips to the high school/middle school campus! exciting endeavor with godly women bloggers I respect and admire. Stay tuned as I will be sharing more details in the near future!

Preparing...for an exciting venture in Bible study as well. In what could have only been the Lord's plan and provision, I will be teaching a community Bible study this fall. I am really excited and nervous and eager and completely convinced of my inadequacy...

Eating...lunch now.


  1. I'm right here with you, sister. Amen to His sufficiency. Excited about you teaching a community Bible study! I'll look forward to hearing more.

  2. Carrie, Reading to KnowAugust 02, 2012 10:44 AM

    This is a month of changes for you! Wow. Praying for you as you make a bunch of life changes.

  3. Praying for you today about the Big Change. From my distant vantage point, many states away, I think you are a wonderful mom. More importantly, you pray for your boys and you have a wonderful God.

  4. Praying for you on the "Monday after the move" :(

  5. I'm looking forward to reading the new shared blog project! LOVE the subtitle!